Considered one of the most addictive forms of social media, where 1 pin leads to 100, Pinterest is one of the most unique forms of social media that a business can use. It might seem like the platform is more for personal use, but many have found that Pinterest for business purposes has many benefits. 

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most diverse social media platforms. It serves as a  visual search engine that is typically used for finding inspiration for recipes, DIYs, fashion, home decor, travel, and more. Most people use it for personal reasons like planning their dream vacation or designing their perfect home, but it can also be used for your business!

People come to Pinterest to discover new ideas and businesses, so it’s the perfect platform to reach new customers! This social media platform allows customers to visualize your brand and product, as well as visualize its function in their lives. 

In fact, Pinterest has many benefits for businesses to grow and allows companies to have a Pinterest Business Account Profile to really make the most of the platform!

The Basics

Pinterest users see the platform as broken into four sections, your home feed, the discover or search, messages, and your personal page. 

The home feed is where you can find pins that are suggested to you by Pinterest based on your interests and past saved pins. The discover offers you suggested ideas or topics that you can search through and you can look through topics of your choice as well!

If a user finds a pin they find interesting and want to save, they can save it to their personal page. This is done by creating a board on your personal page and then saving the pin to that board. 

You can make unlimited boards and save an unlimited amount of pins to each board you make! You are also able to create pins and upload them yourself to the platform.

Usually, boards are organized by topic, but users have complete control over how they choose to make their boards. 

Pinterest Businesses Profile

Pinterest is the perfect intersection between creative and practical. It is the best place for a business to discover emerging trends and get ahead of its competition. Staying engaged on the platform can not only keep you ahead of rising trends, but it can also help you generate demand and interest for your product, contributing to new trends. 

Companies can utilize Pinterest in different ways. One of the simplest ways to capitalize on this product is by creating inspiration boards and uploading pins featuring your products for your target market. That way when customers search for something related to your product, they will be prompted towards your pin, then board, then account. 


Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to add to your social media marketing, as Pinterest marketing has been found to 

With a Pinterest business profile, you are able to add your website to your profile. This makes it so when potential customers click on your profile, they can immediately click on your website if wanted. 

The business profile also has a feature that allows you to have your profile header be full of your own personally uploaded pics, and you can see analytics on how many people view each pin. 

Driving Website Traffic

By having your profile display your company website, you increase traffic to your website without effort. More so, with a business profile on Pinterest, you can have Rich Pins and make your pins show more information about the featured product and company. Plus the pin can be linked directly to the landing page you want to correspond with that pin. 

Pinterest also allows you to have promoted pins and to run Pinterest ads. Pinterest advertising allows you to target people very specifically, and by highlighting your products on a platform that is used to research potential purchases, you are able to target those who are more likely to become a customer.