Over the last decade, online marketing has changed drastically and is now more important than ever for business growth. Because of this, including blogging as a part of your overall marketing strategy is essential for business growth and discoverability.

With billions of people using the internet worldwide, blogging can help you expand your target audience, whether you are a small business or a large corporation.

Blog Content can help drive website traffic organically by having your website and blog posts have high rankings on various search engines. And these are just some of the benefits!

In this post, we will be highlighting 3 of the many benefits having a business blog can provide you with, and we will discuss how you can start establishing your blog strategy.

The Benefits of a Company Blog

Driving Traffic to Website

Want more traffic on your website? Well sometimes improving that organic traffic is as simple as writing a blog post!

One of the biggest reasons companies find blogging to be beneficial is that it betters their search engine optimization, or SEO, by improving their website ranking on the search engine results page. This could be on Google or any other search engines.

One of the ways to maintain good SEO is by having good quality and quantity of website pages that are being updated regularly. However, it is difficult to have a landing page on your site for all topics. Blogging provides a great solution to this problem, and can get potential clients to your site when they are looking for information about something in your industry, even if you don’t have a landing page for that topic!

Every time you publish blog posts, it is as if you have added another page to your website. This allows you to have more website visitors. Since your blog has relevant content, when someone searches for something related to that content, your website may show up as one of the first page results!

Establishes your business as an industry leader

Blogs provide customers with valuable content and relevant links, helping your audience establish that you are knowledgeable in the industry. This is crucial to help you gain new customers.

People are now spending more time researching the company they want to purchase a product or service from. Creating content that shows that you know what you are doing will build trust with potential customers. It will also help build brand credibility and can drive traffic to your site.

By doing so, your audience is more likely to become a lead and then an actual customer. Blogs will keep your brand voice and story in customers’ minds and establish how you can be of service to them.

Boost your Social Media Presence

Quality content can spread quickly in this digitized age and can allow you to improve your social media presence.

Blogs with new content that provide the audience with valuable information are a great way to introduce repurposed but fresh content onto your social media platforms. By doing so, you not only save time, but also expose your business to potential new customers.

Blogging helps keep your social media growing with minimal effort. This is ideal for small business owners as blogs then provide a bulk of information that can then be broken into bite-sized bits of consumable information for your audience.

Sharing a blog post on social media can also encourage your audience to engage further with your company. If engaging enough, it can even increase traffic on your website by driving new visitors to the website to read more content.

Southern Digital Consulting for Your Blogging Needs

At Southern Digital Consulting (SDC), we believe that every business needs a blog. But, we also know that sometimes there’s just not enough spare time to write quality content when you are busy running your business. That’s where we come in!

Our expert team of copywriters, SEO experts, and digital marketing specialists will work together to develop a thorough blog strategy specifically for your brand and create monthly articles for your blog. Each post will be created with the goals of improving your online search ranking, building trust with customers to improve retention, growing your social media presence, and establishing your business as the best in the industry.

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