Facebook features

4 Facebook Features to Build Presence

By sdcadmin | Oct 12, 2019

4 Facebook features you probably didn’t know about Facebook features have transformed from a social media network to a marketing beast! The powerful platform is constantly evolving, creating new features that help businesses improve their online presence and sales.  Advertising on Facebook helps increase your brand awareness and engagement, drive visits to your website and […]

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how geofencing works by building an invisible fence

Geofencing as a Marketing Strategy

By sdcadmin | Oct 2, 2019

How many times have you thought about a cost-effective and practical advertising tool which can help you gain customers, boost revenue, and build your business? Probably countless, right? Well, we have The Solution for you and it is called Geofencing. First time hearing about this?  No worries, we will tell you how to use geofencing […]

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