Christmas content ideas for your social media

Christmas content ideas for your social media 1

Christmas content ideas for your social media.

Christmas is almost here! You might be busy uploading your holiday specials on your website. Or decorating your store with tinsel and holly. Maybe you’re strategically promoting a gift guide that has your products in it.

We get it. Christmas is busy for everyone. Especially for business owners – which is why you may find yourself completely tapped out of ideas when it comes to your socials.

Don’t get your stockings in a twist. We’ve put together a list of Christmas content ideas for your social media.



Christmas DIYs

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than something you created with your own hands. Remember giving your mom a handmade macaroni necklace for Christmas as a kid? Or the warm flush of happiness you got when she said that she’ll treasure it forever?

Home-made gifts are special – they’re straight from the heart. 

Research the most popular Christmas DIY projects and share them on your social media channels. Show your followers how to make their own Christmas tree ornaments, how to wrap gifts, or how to bake the most delicious gingerbread cookies. It doesn’t have to be related to your brand – just make it fun and engaging. Why not set up a gingerbread house UGC challenge where you encourage your followers to post photos of their gingerbread house in the comments?


Create a playlist

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas playlist?

Jump on Spotify and create your ultimate holiday playlist with all your favorite Christmas songs. Use other playlists for inspiration. You’ll be surprised how quickly your list grows.

Share your awesome playlist on your socials. Encourage your followers to share their favorite songs.

You don’t have to stop at Spotify – scroll through YouTube and make a list of the best Christmas shows, music videos, or holiday fails. Whatever you like! You’re only limited to your imagination. 

Creating an amazing Christmas playlist will get people sharing your list with others, which will give your social media more exposure. You can even create a branded hashtag – #BusinessNameXmasTunes, for example.

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Caption this!

Oh, you’ve posted another Christmas stock image onto your socials? How original. Excuse us while we yawn.

When it comes to your social media, your followers want to see you. They want to know that there are real people behind your brand and that you like to have fun as much as they do. So try this fun Christmas idea that involves both your followers and your staff.

Gather your team together and get them to pose in funny Christmas photos. Maybe you’re all wearing festive costumes. Or fighting over Christmas dinner. Ask your followers to caption your fun photo in the comments.

You can even turn your post into a competition, with the best caption receiving a prize related to your business. Hilarious Christmas content and serious user engagement in one post? Yes, please!

Many people use social media as inspiration for gift ideas. In fact, 23% of consumers use social media to help with their holiday shopping. So creating engaging, fun Christmas content could actually help boost your holiday conversions. Try one of our Christmas ideas for more Christmas sales!


Wishing all our readers a wonderful festive year. If you’re looking to partner with a local digital marketing agency that can help your business grow in 2021, we’d love to hear from you. We’re currently offering a FREE consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists. Visit our website to learn more.


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