4 Facebook features to build presence

Facebook features

4 Facebook features you probably didn’t know about

Facebook features have transformed from a social media network to a marketing beast! The powerful platform is constantly evolving, creating new features that help businesses improve their online presence and sales.  Advertising on Facebook helps increase your brand awareness and engagement, drive visits to your website and most importantly – helps increase sales! But are you making the most of all that Facebook has to offer? Let’s find out! Here are 4 Facebook features you probably didn’t know about and how to use them to optimize your Facebook game.

Book and manage appointments:

Free-up some time by letting Facebook take care of your bookings for you

It’s time to throw away the notebooks and delete those Excel spreadsheets! Facebook has launched an appointment tool to help you create and manage your bookings. You have the option to either create an appointment yourself or your clients can book one themselves. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

To activate the booking tool, you need the ‘Book Now’ call to action button on your Facebook page. To update your call to action button, simply navigate to your business page and click the blue call to action button on your cover photo. Update it to ‘book with you’ or ‘book now’, follow the prompts and adjust your appointment settings. If you get stuck, visit Facebook’s help centre for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Facebook appointments.

Create your own chat bot- Improve customer service

A chat bot is an automated feature that initiates conversion with people who visit your website or Facebook page. However, they are different to a virtual assistant in that they’re there to greet visitors and start a conversation rather than assist them through their purchase journey. Facebook allows you to set up a Messenger Chatbot that connects with your customers and gives them helpful information to get them started. It helps you set expectations and scale communication with your customers.

Did you know that Facebook Messenger is the third most used app in the world? * Optimizing your Facebook Business Messenger is an absolute MUST to ensure customer satisfaction from day one.

Go to your business page settings and select ‘Messenger Platform’ on the left-hand side. From there, you can set automated messages, greetings and apply advanced settings to maximize your bot. You can also integrate more powerful bots into the Facebook Messenger bot.

For example: let’s say you’re an investment loan company. You might integrate a loan re-payment calculator in your bot to help people calculate their pay-back schedules within the Messenger bot.


Check out your competitor’s ads –keep your finger on the pulse!

Yep! Not only can you find out IF your competitors are advertising on Facebook, but you can actually SEE their ads. To check out your competitors’ ads with this facebook feature, visit their page and scroll down to ‘Page Transparency’ on the right-hand side. Click ‘See More’ and then ‘Go to Ad Library’. If your competitor is running ads, you’ll find them there!

Take a poll – get customer feedback and affirmation

Make better business decisions by asking for advice from the people who matter the most – your customers and followers. For instance create a facebook poll post to get feedback from your customers. Feedback helps affirm your decisions, get inspiration for new services and products and engages your followers. Own a pub and want to get more people in? Ask them what they want! Pub quiz or live music. Use the results of the poll to make a business decision that will bring in more foot traffic.

To create a poll, click the ‘new post’ section of your business page and select the ‘Poll’ button. Upload a GIF or image to make your poll question pop!

What are you doing to connect with your customers online?

Your customers use the internet to make their purchase decisions. What are you doing to ensure your brand and business is visible, accessible and helping you make sales? For instance, can people find your website online? Is your website delighting and converting customers? Is your facebook page getting people talking? If not, we can help take your marketing from dull to swell.

If you know you need to be online, but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us. Your first consultation is FREE!

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