How to stay connected with your customers

How to stay connected with your customers - Southern Digital Consulting

How to stay connected with your customers

Social distancing may prevent us from seeing each other, but it certainly doesn’t have to stop us from connecting with our customers online. In fact, there’s never been a better time to connect with your customers online. If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to embrace digital like never before. 

Keeping your brand top of mind during this time is essential to remind customers that you are there for them. You can still offer your products or services – you just need a drop of creativity and a splash of digital marketing to maximize your opportunities!

If you are looking to move your business online by creating an online store or simply looking to increase your online presence Southern Digital Consulting can help. We have a team of digital marketing consultants, strategists and campaign managers who can help get your business up and running online. 

Consulting with Skype, Zoom or Hangouts

Consultants can connect with customers through platforms like Skype, Zoom and Hangouts – three very reliable and trustworthy platforms that have been around for years. All platforms have video conferencing so you can connect with your customers ‘face-to-face’. You can have multiple people on the call too.

Zoom is our preferred platform and is great for connecting with customers and for remote workers to connect with each other. You can also record the meeting for your clients to refer to later if need be. 

Zoom tip: click the ‘video turned off’ option to avoid those awkward “I didn’t know my camera was on moments.” You can always turn it on manually if you need to. 

Troubleshooting with TeamViewer

Use TeamViewer to troubleshoot issues.  It’s a great tool for IT consultants or tech teams. TeamViewer is a remote desktop software application that allows someone to access and ‘drive’ your computer remotely. Your IT man, for example, can access your computer and use it as if they were sitting in your chair! 

It’s free to download and is very simple to operate. Your TeamViewer account has a unique ID and password. If someone wants to get into your PC they’ll enter that unique ID and password on their TeamViewer and voila! They’ll be able to access your computer.

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Keeping top of mind with social media

Post on social media at least three times a week. Offer compassionate and useful tips and advice to your customers and encourage them to interact with you. Create polls, quizzes and live streams to get your followers engaged. 

  • Keep your communication positive.
  • Continue to promote social distancing.
  • Show your followers what you are doing to stop the spread.
  • Share tips and ideas to keep people busy at home. 
Connect with customers on email

Use MailChimp to email your database with valuable content and news stories. Keep them positive, upbeat and relevant. Don’t forget to segment your audience!

Use chatbots and Facebook Messenger for customer support 

Install a chatbot on your website and actiate Facebook Messenger features to support your customers. 

Chatbots help you scale communication and offer FAQs and answers to help you manage incoming queries. Our top picks for website chatbots are:

Facebook Messenger has loads of features that will help you manage incoming messages. 

  • Greetings that appear as soon as someone reaches your page. You can include your contact number or email address prompting people to call or email you. 
  • Auto responses with FAQs that you can answer. 
  • Away messages so people know when you are offline and when you’ll be back. 
  • You can also custom build chatbots that work on Facebook Messenger, to manage more complex customer queries.
We’re all in this together! Stay safe, stay home, stay connected. 

Need some help getting online? Get in touch with Southern Digital Consulting. We’ll help get you there!


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