Social media trends for 2021

Social media trends in 2021 3

Social media trends for 2021.

 Time to put away the party hats and empty champagne glasses – 2020 is officially over. And what a year it was. But even amid all that craziness, one thing remained certain: we spend a lot of time on social media.

People don’t just use social media to chat with friends and family. They also use it for product research. Which is why your business needs to stay on top of the latest social media trends.

Keep one step ahead with our predictions of social media trends for 2021.


Less is more

COVID-19 had many businesses asking themselves, ‘do my followers even want to hear from me right now?’ The outcome was fewer posts, but it didn’t have the expected impact.

Instead of flooding our feeds, brands became more thoughtful about when and what they were posting. They spent less time churning out content and more thought into what they were saying. Less posts with more meaning — quite the turnaround from 2019.

As a result, followers connected with brands more. They engaged with their content and appreciated the honest, human touch. The small number of posts now added value to people’s lives.

This is a trend that is set to soar in 2021. Avoid littering your followers’ feeds with mindless content. Think about your key messages. What impact do you want to make on your visitors? The results may surprise you.


Tell a story

Remember when all you had to do to create an amazing post was share a funny photo with just a short, punchy caption? Those were the days.

Your followers aren’t interested in cheap laughs anymore. They want to know you. They want to see the human face behind the brand, to learn about your journey, and what you can teach them. A lot more demanding than a cute dog photo, huh?

Storytelling in social media saw a rise in 2020 but is destined to be one of the biggest trends in 2021. Show your followers what makes you unique. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side – tell people how you became the person you are now or share a defining moment in your life.

Your followers will appreciate your honesty. And you might find it therapeutic!


Longer captions

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that telling a story through social media can only mean one thing – long captions. Like, seriously long. Well then, good news! 2021 is all about posts with loads of copy.

Websites such as Facebook and Instagram are moving away from being just mere visual platforms. That’s because storytelling is becoming more ingrained in social media. After all, the caption provides both context and personality to your post.

Captions can encourage likes, comments, and even visits to your website. A simple heart emoji just won’t cut it anymore – Kylie Jenner may be able to get away with it, but you can’t.

So how long should your caption be? By 2021, marketers predict that the average post will contain 65-70 words – now that’s a good story!


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