Why website personalization is important in 2020

Why website personalization is important in 2020 3

Why website personalization is important in 2020 

We’ve all been there. You’re at home, bored. So you jump online and scroll through your favorite online shoe store. You just can’t say no to a classic black pump!

Suddenly, a pop up for a fishing bait company appears out of nowhere. What the? You don’t even like fishing. You click out of it. Then another one pops up. How annoying! Frustrated, you switch off.

Random advertising has infuriated us all. And we know it isn’t effective. So you need to be more strategic with your business’ marketing. But what’s the solution?

Website personalization. It may sound confusing, but trust us – it isn’t. Read on to discover why website personalization is important, and how you can do it yourself. 

What is website personalization?

In a nutshell, website personalization is the process of creating customized experiences for your website’s visitors. So instead of creating a one-fits-all experience for your users, you can tailor your website to suit everyone’s individual needs. You can do this on on-site, in-app and on mobile web.

Is it worth the effort? Absolutely! 86% of customers say that personalization has an impact on their purchases. And emails with a personalized subject line have a 50% higher click rate compared to emails that don’t.

Big companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Nike all do it – so why can’t you? 

Why should I personalize my website?

The better question is – why SHOULDN’T you?

It will engage your customers

By personalizing your website, you’re nurturing your users throughout the buying journey. And customers are more likely to stay on your site if you offer promotions and sales that relate directly to them

Your sales will skyrocket

Struggling to get those sales across the line? Website personalization is the answer!

By understanding the browsing data on your website, you can gain a clearer understanding of your buyer personas, demographics, and their buying behaviors.

Use this data to understand what your customers want so you can get that sale!

It will increase your brand loyalty

Having a personalized website will immensely improve your relationship with your users. Use the data you receive from your customers to customize a marketing strategy just for them.  Who isn’t flattered by a company that cares about their wants and needs?

The value of your average sale increases 

Use personalization to upsell and cross-sell. Once you know your users’ browsing behavior and buying patterns, you can offer tailored products and offers just for them. 

Why website personalization is important in 2020 2

Where do I start?

Getting started is easier than you think. Begin by putting your visitors into categories – a process marketers refer to as segmenting.

There are plenty of ways you can segment your customers. The most common are:

  • Demographics
  • Geographic information
  • Weather
  • Season
  • Holidays
  • Time
  • Device
  • Buying cycle
  • Engagement

How do I do it?

Now that you have segmented your website’s visitors, you can create tailor-made and relevant offers to your customers.

Website pop-ups

We know we gave them a bad rap before, but a customized, well-timed pop-up is very effective.

Pop-ups get the user’s attention quickly and get your message across. Exchange your offer for their email address, and you’ve got yourself a new lead!

A pop-up can be a:

  • Welcome message or offer for first-time visitors
  • Welcome back message for returning customers
  • A message triggered after an action on the website – like scrolling for some time, several pages viewed, or a specific link clicked 
  • Exit-intent pop-up to encourage customers to stay on-site
Content Adaptation

Your customers are all different, with individual desires and needs. So why should your website look the same for everybody? Adapt your site for your visitors by modifying the content. It’s not as tricky as it sounds. Do this by altering the:

  • Images
  • Order of products
  • Recommendations

Why website personalization is important in 2020 1

Make a plan

Now that you know why and how it’s time to actually do it! Draw up a website personalization plan and get it live. Don’t forget to keep track of your results so you can learn what works and what doesn’t. 

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