Slide Website Design Learn More Adaptability to any device is why you need a responsive web design.
We will give you a responsive web design that is not only
responsive but also loads fast.
Slide SEO Agency Learn More Want your website to rank on the very first page of the search engine
result’s page? Then you need us to help you ensure your website
is optimized for search engines, via the use of ranking keywords
and other parameters.
Slide Geo-Fencing Learn More A location based targeted ad is a good way to get the right conversions,
and we can help you get your message to your audience via
our sophisticated and accurate geofencing technology.
Slide Graphic Design Learn More Getting your graphic design right is a good way to attract web traffic,
and your website deserves the best design it can get. We can help
you get outstanding graphic designs creating brand awareness.
Slide e commerce Learn More The world is going digital, and so are businesses. Your business’s
online presence is important for the survival of your business,
especially with the competition.
Slide Search Engine Marketing Learn More Apart from having your website optimized for search engines,
we can also run SEM campaigns that will help boost your business
via increased leads and conversions.
Slide Secure Web/Email Hosting Learn More We cannot overemphasize how important it is to ensure that emails
are secure, and in order to implement secure websites,
an SSL certificate will be given to your website.
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Southern Digital Consulting

Southern Digital Consulting is a full-service marketing and web design company located in Macon, GA, that specializes in custom website design, SEO and SEM marketing, geo-fencing, and graphic design. We understand that quality website development and online marketing is an investment for a business of any size, and we've got the know-how to make sure your investment is a profitable one. Whether your goal is business development or web page enhancement, we make website design and online marketing easy. Every SEO company is unique, but valuable companies have a similar goal: to help grow your business.

Web Design Services

Increase your online presence. Connect with potential customers. Make sales!

Southern Digital Consulting specializes in the development of quality,  affordable, user-friendly, stand-out website design and website solutions to fuel your company's growth.

With so many websites competing for your customer's attention, your web design needs to be unique, eye-catching, and user-friendly to stand out. When 94% of a company's first impressions are established through their web page design, it's important to have a site that is well-thought-out, easy to navigate, and provides the user with all of the information they are looking for. We accomplish exactly this by using cutting-edge web design techniques that will make your customers enjoy visiting your site and not leave them feeling as though they are reading a list of words on a web page.

We ensure your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers by adhering to all industry-standard practices including:

Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Website Designs

Our web designers craft all of our websites to be compatible with use on mobile devices. In 2021, and for the past 4 years, 50% of website traffic has come from mobile devices. With our responsive designs, your web page and its content will appear correctly formatted and accessible from a personal computer, mobile device, or tablet, ensuring that you will not lose any potential customers regardless of where they may be browsing from. Your business just got a whole lot more accessible.

Professional Website Designers - Fully Customized Websites

You'll work closely with a professional staff web designer to outline your goal and vision for your page and to ensure the website we build will be exactly what you'd imagined. We know your brand is important, and it's the little details that make it special. Whether your company requires a simple page to display pictures of your work or an intricate design that highlights the prices of services you offer, our website design team can help create elegant solutions!

We provide software integration solutions, e-commerce website solutions, graphic design services, and digital marketing strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into your one-of-a-kind website. Your company image will shine through your website and allow you to better engage your target

Security is Key for a Website Design Company

Security is a priority for us as a web design company. An alarming 64% of businesses have experienced attacks on their website, and when those attacks are successful, 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of their breach.

Your customers trust you with their data when they use your websites and losing that data to a preventable breach is not only bad for business but can be costly as well.

Our web design uses industry-standard security measures to prevent you and your clients from having to worry about hackers or scams.

Want a free business listing scan?

Take a look to see how many online directories your business is listed on.

Search Engine Optimization Services

We're not just a website design company! In addition to being mobile-friendly, fully customized, and secure, every website we create is engineered to adhere to the rules for search engine optimization (SEO).

At Southern Digital Consulting, we conduct keyword research, use proper tags for headers, titles, and images, and create URL structures that are optimized for users and search engines. We ensure that your website's internal link structure allows for easy navigation by web search engines when they go to crawl your website's content. Our responsive web pages and expert graphic design are the finishing touches that let Google know that you understand how they operate and that you mean business.

Search Engine Marketing

In addition to our SEO marketing services, we also offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to further enhance your search result traffic to your websites and pages. SEO is achieved through abiding by the rules search engines have established to determine the relevance of your websites in order to increase your organic search ranking among your target audience. Although SEO takes time to build, these results are passive, and the benefits are long-lasting.

In contrast to SEO, SEM is a marketing strategy using paid advertisements on major search engines to get your website on the first page of Google regardless of your SEO efforts. The results of SEM are immediate and will increase the visibility of your brand, engage interested clients, place your page above your competition's websites, and works in tandem with your social media marketing. Our experts know how to craft messages that convert for you and your business.

Cost-Effective and Powerful Results

While the idea of paying for increased short-term visibility can be daunting, we're confident that we can provide a positive ROI and increase your e-commerce sales. We use dashboards to record the progress of your campaign that clearly shows ROI so that you can be certain you spent your money wisely.

Google reports that 89% of the traffic generated through Google Ads (Google's SEM Tool) is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused. You will reach a larger audience than you would otherwise and the clients you reach will be more likely to make a purchase. Unbounce reports that visitors you acquire through SEM are 50% more likely to purchase something from your website than organic visitors.


In addition to our website design and SEO services, we can help your business gain a local presence with geo-fencing. Geo-fencing is a targeted marketing technique where we sell targeted ads to clients in your local area. Through the use of mobile ads and customer location data, we are able to ensure all of your marketing is served to people in your local area, leaving competing businesses at a disadvantage.

Geo-fencing is another way of narrowing your marketing efforts and saving you money by delivering your company's message to people who are most likely to act on it. A survey conducted on geo-fencing found that over half of those who received a promotional offer for products or businesses via geo-fencing have acted on it. Let our experts help get your information in front of your future clients!

Graphic Design Services

The development of a brand requires great graphic design. At Southern Digital Consulting, we know how to make images and designs that will make your brand stand out. It's not only important to the success of your company, but it's also critical! A poor design on your website, social media, or marketing materials may lead to you losing out on potential clients.

It has been found that more than 45% of website visitors relate the website design to the credibility of the brand or business. In addition, 94% of consumers reported that they will leave a website with poor graphic design. You have great products and services, and we know how to bring it all together to look amazing so that your clients will start placing orders!

With every graphic design project we undertake, we guarantee quality and satisfaction via our exhaustive content development process. Our expert graphics designers work alongside our art director and creative director to define the scope and purpose of your project, develop relevant website content to go alongside the imagery, come up with fully thought out layout/designs, and review the finished product with your personally to ensure you're happy with your investment.

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