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The pest controllers are often solo self-employed who only serve a small regional area. However, there are of course also companies that operate nationwide with many employees. A continuous increase in the need for pest controllers can be observed. The reason for this is, for example, that people are traveling more and more often and most of the times bring unwanted souvenirs home with them in their luggage. In addition, exotic pests feel more and more at home in US due to climate change, and domestic pests also find the best conditions to spread thanks to mild winters and hot summers. However, not all companies use the favorable starting position to expand. Many only live from their regular customers and completely neglect the acquisition of new customers. In the industry, failure and success lie side by side. The Internet represents a great opportunity for acquiring new customers, since contact between the company and the customer often takes place online these days.
If your site doesn’t appear in the top positions, you are probably leaving some other competitor significant revenue share.

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Headlines such as “Welcome to our website” alone create a first negative impression. In addition, potential new customers cannot find the information they are looking for on many websites. Pest control company websites are often visited with the wish that they offer good value for money, that the pest control is safe and fast, and that the necessary discretion is offered.

Putting this into practice, however, does not appear to be easy. A large number of pest control websites neglect the needs of both search engines and customers.  

However, the pest controllers often believe that their performance in the search engines can already be rated as very good. They don’t change their opinion even if hardly any new orders can be generated via the Internet.

However, companies are often unable to properly assess their SEO performance themselves – because even if they google themselves and then find their website in the top places, their own search behavior is responsible for this. Conversely, this does not mean that your own website is also displayed to potential customers on this placement.

The pest controllers often simply enter the name of their company into the search engine and are then satisfied that they find themselves in a good position. However, the company name does not match the keyword that genuine prospects are looking for. After all, new customers don’t even know the name of the company beforehand. When searching in the search engines, they use generic terms such as “pest control”, “rat control” or “exterminator”.

So, if the really relevant keywords are not used to optimize the website, many companies give away their potential new customers to their competitors. It is therefore essential to carry out a comprehensive keyword analysis as the first step before optimizing the website. Call us today if you want to get your pest control business on the top of google search. We are best pest control SEO company with proven results in local and national markets to help build your pest control franchise.