SEO For Insurance Companies .

Insurance companies now generate the majority of their customers via the Internet and this online share is constantly growing. For this reason alone, it is of enormous importance to have a sustainable SEO created for insurance companies. Of course, SEO for insurance brokers or SEO for insurance agencies is also worthwhile via local SEO. The competition is tough and now it’s about asserting yourself against this competition. It is not only the service principle of the respective insurance that counts, but also the presence on the Internet or being found on Google.

Differences in SEO for Insurance - SEA and SEM.

Most insurance companies book and optimize Google AdWords. This area is part of SEO, because search engine optimization differs in the areas of SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

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Many internet agencies or SEO agencies have explicitly specialized in the area of SEA. The empirical values of a good and experienced SEA agency show that regularly booking AdWords is worthwhile. As long as the entrepreneur achieves more transactions / sales from the booked ads than what he has to pay for this advertising, he is in the black. For this area of SEO, the agency does not need any knowledge of the Google algorithm and the calculation bases of this search engine. However, if you want more, i.e., if you want to move away from the booking dependency of AdWords, you should use an SEO agency that focuses on SEM. The aim here is to set up and expand the website in such a way that that they rank on the first page of Google with the intended commercial keywords. The enormous advantage is that, regardless of how often the result is clicked on Google, there are no additional costs for the click. Certainly, there are always costs for the creation of these SEM measures. Experience has shown that these costs are fully compensated for within a very short time (in our experience, late. within the first 6 – 9 months). 

Insurance as a synonym for security

Due to their conditioning, people always associate the word and the institution of insurance with security and trust. It is relatively independent of whether the insurance is an all-rounder, health insurance, pension insurance, property insurance or legal expenses insurance. Depending on the spectrum covered by the respective insurance company or the respective insurance broker or insurance agency, the individual keywords or keyword combinations are optimized. City optimization is particularly useful. The larger the catchment area, the more website volume and the associated accessibility is of course possible. 

Traffic that cannot be exploited.

Certainly, there are, especially for certain insurance companies, visitors and inquiries that may not be used well or even not at all. From our experience we can say that it is not possible! Anyone who operates a website and sees traffic there that perhaps does not match the desired topic always has the option of filtering out this valuable traffic and either selling it for a reasonable fee or using it yourself through another division. 


They have an insurance agency that offers liability, life, and legal protection insurance. Now you get a lot of inquiries about health insurance. What do you do? Of course, you or your agency will filter out this valuable traffic, use it yourself by joining an appropriate health insurance company as a broker, or they will sell this traffic to a so-called traffic broker or health insurance company itself.

LOCAL SEO for Insurance Agencies – Insurance Brokers.

Stationary insurance brokers / insurance agencies are physically accessible for the customer. Many insured persons still expressly want this in order to have a trustworthy, competent contact person. Nevertheless, most prospective customers first look around on the Internet for a suitable insurance broker. We can optimize this catchment area. Both the type of insurance and the regions are combined, for example as a keyword combination, so that the searcher always ends up on the insurance broker’s SEO-optimized website. 

Think Big – collect all the traffic!

Of course, the insurance companies also have the option of collecting all the traffic that is possible. This is probably the most efficient way to bring the money home in sacks. In this way, the customer or interested party is always offered a tailor-made offer, even if the selected insurance does not suit the customer at all, since it does not offer the requested service at all. Thinking big means thinking outside the box and form strategies in which you can really work on and process every prospect. With ever-increasing traffic volume, form alliances with other insurance companies and exchange information with each other. With the filtering mentioned, you don’t give away any traffic and convert almost every request into sales.

We have the unique opportunity worldwide to carry out one of the most effective and successful directory optimizations using our self-developed tool. By creating commercial, meaningful directories in the form of categories and tags, we can create an unlimited number of keywords or keyword combinations and equip them with intelligent, unique content. Via an automated, intelligent link that goes beyond this, each combination is linked from the outside so that it can be seen within a short time and permanently in the Google Serps (Search Engine Page Results) on the first page in the organic search. Measure our performance and check the results on our own website.