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Are you not found on Google in the important areas of your core business? 
You’ve already covered the keywords, but you don’t have more visitors?
Or do you have no capacity to take care of SEO?
Or you don’t know how to proceed with SEO optimization?

How can our SEO company in Houston help you?

To be successful as a business with search engine optimization, you need a strategy that is tailored to your situation. In addition, the SEO measures should be implemented over a longer period, because many changes at once can have the opposite effect.

To implement a strategy as efficiently as possible, you need a specialist who only does what you are looking for. We at SDC are such specialists in the field of “SEO optimization for companies”.

Success measurement through reporting
3 reasons that speak for it
Once you have dealt with the topic more intensively, you will notice why search engine optimization is so effective.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should use a service:

Leverage effect

The needs of the searching customers are covered with SEO measures. If you deliver the right content in the right format, Google will see you as a strong online brand. This gain in authority makes it easier to get top rankings for new keywords. That is the time when visibility automatically kicks in.


It’s not a myth but hard facts, 85% of users on the internet use a search engine. 90% of these users only look at the results on the first page. 75% of all internet users have an intention to buy. Learn more about why you should use SEO.

Advantages over social media

Searching on Google has a distinct advantage over social media advertising. The seeker already has an intention behind the quest. The user’s full attention is on the entered keyword. There is most likely even a certain curiosity associated with it. These factors significantly increase the chance of making a purchase. 

As part of our monthly reporting, you as a customer can keep an eye on the long-term overall performance of the project at any time. The KPIs mentioned in our reporting are discussed in detail at the beginning of each project and jointly defined.

In principle, we would like to make it possible for you to make our service quantifiable using the most important key figures. In particular, the results should contribute to the overall performance of your company. That is why we are giving you this important instrument for measuring success.

Keyword research

A detailed keyword research for the core topics of your company. Our internal process, which has been tried and tested in many companies, is used here. Once the search needs are clear, our specialists develop a website structure based on the keyword data.

Only through detailed keyword analysis can we focus on the right content and thus implement a successful strategy for your SEO project. All our measures should increase the number of visitors to your website in the long term.

Technical optimization

A comprehensive SEO audit to evaluate potential for improvement. Fixing technical on-page errors and adapting to search algorithm changes for a solid technical base of the website. 

Maintaining the technology at Google Updates so that you can always keep up with the demands of the algorithm and react early.

Content marketing

We develop a content strategy and implement an editorial plan for you. Our specialists write texts that sound professional to your customers. 

The internal review with different tools guarantee that the texts achieve a quality level for search engines that also brings in good rankings. That is the basis for your topics to be successfully placed in the search results.

Link building

Our specialists analyze the off-page situation. Does it make sense for your business to invest in link building? Depending on the competitive situation, it is decided how much link building is necessary for your individual project. 

From experience with previous customers, we know that a minimum proportion of resources should be invested in this area for every project. We show you how much it is with you.

Individual potential analysis

Receive a free and non-binding potential analysis of the core topics regarding search engine optimization for your company. The analysis is a multi-page PDF and shows you the most important SEO growth levers and indispensable measures. 

This offer is aimed at companies that are interested in commissioning monthly SEO support. It is not an analysis for self-implementers, we can assure you from over 10 years of SEO experience that implementation by “non-SEO experts” will not be effective and the desired success will not be achieved.

Since we already have a number of customers in Houston, we can manage your customer project in the best possible way, and we know the requirements of very different companies in different sectors in Houston.

How high are the costs?

In principle, our costs depend on the service that you receive from us. To do this, we arrange a consultation with you and determine the initial situation together. After we have determined the biggest growth levers and a roadmap for you, we can make you a suitable offer.

When are there results?

That depends on the customer situation and industry. Results are usually much faster if your website has been around for some time. On average, we can say that our customers can usually see the first effects on the rankings after 3 months. 

How does this all work?

After you have concluded a contract with us after consultation via video call or direct contact, there will be an initial planning phase by us. A project plan is drawn up, the target group is defined, and our exact approach is discussed with you. Basically, it is about understanding the search needs of your potential customers. 

Depending on the size of the project, this takes about a month. This results in a so-called keyword map, in which a new or adapted website structure is suggested (unless this already corresponds to the customer’s search intentions). Every challenge and therefore also the path to be taken by the customer is different, we perform flexible customer management. As soon as it is clear in which direction you want to go, you can start implementing the content for the target group. The complex process of writing a few lines of website text is only possible to begin with. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information about the exact process for more visibility in search engines during a consultation.

What SEO tools do we use?

We only use renowned tools for our projects. An example is SEMrush, an internationally widely used SEO tool. Since we have already completed certification courses with this tool provider, we can even call ourselves “SEMrush-certified”. For you as a potential customer, it is not necessarily important which tool we use.

Similar good results are also possible with different tools. In any case, the costs for all the tools that we use internally are already included in the support costs. 

Which is the best agency?

Everyone says he’s the best. We say it’s less about us and more about you. The point is that we work out a sustainable SEO strategy for you, with which you as a customer will really have financial and entrepreneurial success. And you will have as little to do with it as we are the experts. 

In addition to the SEO background, our team has a lot of experience and know-how in the analysis of data, in entrepreneurial aspects and in the marketing environment. We can differentiate ourselves from larger agencies by offering a much more individual service for your company’s success. Optimizing for search engines is a lot about individual topics, which larger agencies may not be able to consider in the same detail as we do. Large agencies have other advantages.

Google likes it when you as a company satisfy the needs of users specifically for your subject area. The service provided by large agencies tends to repeat standard processes, for example in content marketing, repeatedly. From our point of view, the days of “our editorial team regularly posting new content” will soon be numbered.

We’ve had much better experiences with topics being fleshed out in detail by our team members and published after implementing our SEO standards. The results are significantly better and what is rare in SEO, the results come even faster when you hit the search intent! This is only possible if a person really deals with the text to be written.

Each project is completely individual, it is quite possible that you do not yet know which package is optimal for you. We would be happy to help you compare the SEO packages and determine the biggest growth levers for your situation. We are also flexible and if we notice during the term that a choice was not optimal, then this can be changed at any time. Make an appointment with our Houston SEO company for a personal consultation.

For further questions about our services, processes and everything that goes with it. Then follow the links below. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from you.