SEO for Healthcare.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of helping make your medical practice stand apart from its competitors. At Southern Digital Consulting, we specialize in digital marketing and providing SEO services for those in the healthcare industry. 

In today’s digital world, the success of your business relies on where your business ranks within a search engine results page. Patients choose facilities because they rank higher online.

Whether you are a healthcare organization focusing on bringing medical care to rural areas, a hospital, or local practice, Southern Digital Consulting can improve your healthcare SEO. Our team of experts at SDC have SEO expertise and knowledge of the healthcare industry and a track record of optimizing websites so that they will generate organic search results.

By developing a refined healthcare SEO strategy, we can push your online presence and create more website traffic. Our medical SEO strategy is developed with extensive knowledge of online marketing and SEO campaigns, as well as an understanding of the medical industry.

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Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Needs

We know that as medical professionals you are busy providing care to your patients, which means that search engines and website development are the last things on your mind, so we are here to take care of your standing on various search engine results pages, and to build your healthcare website to rank high on google search or any other search engines. 

By partnering with Southern Digital Consulting, you can focus on your patients and healthcare business while we focus on creating the perfect website for your healthcare organization. Our team understands search engines and their algorithms and will work to create digital marketing content and develop your website so that your medical practice ranks high on the search results page of any search engine.

What is healthcare or medical SEO?

SEO can improve your search ranking on various search engines. Medical SEO or Healthcare SEO is simply SEO services for healthcare facilities and healthcare businesses. Most patients are not looking through search engine result pages beyond the first few results, much less looking beyond the first page of search engine results. Instead, a majority of people will simply click on one of the top three searches. 

These top searches get about 80% of the overall clicks on a search engine results page. Healthcare SEO is important in helping get your website to show up as one of those top searches. By improving your website ranking, your website begins to get more traffic, and therefore conversions, which helps you reach more patients and outperform competitors.

Why Utilize Healthcare SEO

In the past, by simply providing good care and having good reviews on online review sites, medical professionals and healthcare providers were able to generate new business through word-of-mouth marketing. As the world has become increasingly digital, this has changed. 

People’s perception of online reviews has changed, and many insist on doing their own research before deciding which healthcare practice is right for them. People have access to various information and are able to “shop around” for healthcare providers to find the perfect healthcare facility for their needs. Because of this, it is crucial that you as medical professionals focus on improving your healthcare SEO.

Tangible Benefits of Medical SEO

1. Visibility

By having an effective medical SEO strategy, healthcare practices can rank higher on search engines. This means that when a potential patient searches for a medical keyword pertaining to your healthcare practices such as “eye doctor” or “dentist,” your practice will be seen in the top results on the search engine.

2. Competitive Edge

From developing your website with mobile-friendliness in mind to strategies like keyword optimization and local SEO methods, your website will be able to outperform competitors. This means that when searching for a medical practice with services such as yours, your website will rank higher than your competitors. This makes it more likely for the potential patient to choose your healthcare business over other healthcare organizations.

3. Lead Generation

With a stronger healthcare SEO strategy, medical practices are able to attract more potential patients and interact with them through multiple channels. By using other digital marketing techniques alongside medical SEO, your medical website will have a better click-through rate and site visitors. Your web pages built with SEO strategies in mind will invite more patients to connect with your facility.

4. Increase in Revenue

By incorporating SEO into your practice’s digital marketing, the medical services you perform are able to be marketed and are known better. This means that more potential patients see your healthcare organization’s website and your patient base grows.

Southern Digital Consulting's Strategies

We at Southern Digital Consulting know that for an SEO campaign to be effective, there are a few major points that need to be focused on.

On-page optimization (on-page SEO)

Content Marketing

Off-Page Optimization

Southern Digital Consulting For Your Healthcare SEO Needs

By partnering with Southern Digital Consulting, you are able to have access to healthcare SEO experts to create a healthcare website, digital marketing, and SEO campaign that allows you to reach potential patients on a greater scale. We will work to identify areas of growth and allow you to reach your goal as a medical practice and as a medical professional.