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As an SEO agency, we help small and medium-sized companies in the New York area to achieve a perfect website, new customers, and increased sales. Potential customers will immediately find your company when they search for relevant keywords, giving you the opportunity to reach these customers directly via your website. 

With high visibility and the best possible results, we ensure that we can reach new and existing customers directly and quickly on the Internet. The competition is very intense in most industries nowadays, so a high ranking of your website in the search engines and the professional structuring and optimization of your content has long since become a significant and important competitive factor. And we, as an SEO agency from New York, would like to support you.

It’s not new: More than 90% of all Internet users in the US use the Google search engine while searching for products and services on the Internet, which in turn has a market share of over 90% – and hardly anyone goes beyond the first page of results while doing research.

So, if your offer is not found in the first results on Google, that is good for your competitors and bad for your sales and acquisitions.

Let's do great work together.

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As an SEO service provider, we really understand something about search engine optimization, so that companies in New York can rely on us. Our opinion on this: Competence speaks for itself. Therefore, we offer you the possibility of a free and non-binding SEO consultation in advance. In this way, you can see for yourself how we work and what suggestions, solutions, and strategic concepts we can offer you.

We are convinced: We will develop an optimal search strategy together with you, which will achieve more relevant visitors, significantly better rankings, and thus more sales after just a few months!

SEO optimization for small and medium-sized businesses

With a professional SEO strategy for your success – also compared to the competition. With a tried and tested SEO audit, intensive keyword research and a precise target group analysis, we ensure the long-term success of your website.

SEO consulting & strategy

As an SEO company in New York, we thoroughly analyze your current website situation. And together with you, taking into account your wishes and plans, we determine what possible and sensible steps would be for successful SEO. Create – if you wish – a strategic concept for your website, which is transparent and future-oriented for optimal ranking. In principle, we are available for all planning of your future web projects or website relaunches and accompany you in the long term as a competent partner in all topics related to search engine optimization. Our focus is on the sustainability and high flexibility of projects. The many years of cooperation with our customers shows us again and again that we are right.

On-Page SEO

From the content, technical and structural analysis of your website to content adjustments, you get all solutions and concepts from a professional source. We ensure that the information architecture, the structure of the content, the navigation and the technical implementation are perfectly coordinated. For example, there are internal links, titles, descriptions, snippet content in general, website speed and of course technical security.

Off-Page SEO

Strong and relevant backlinks are one of the most important ranking criteria for search engines. A natural link building with valuable and reputable backlinks is therefore the basis of sustainable and successful off-page SEO. As an SEO agency in New York, we design and oversee the link building – and constantly monitor the link profile – for your professional website, so that your pages rank very well in the organic results of search engines in the long term.

Keywords research & content creation

Customers should be immediately aware of your company while researching in the New York region. To create the necessary content, we identify the focus of user intention for your business model and build our keyword analyzes on this. On this basis, relevant and valuable content is created for your website, which ensures more relevance and a better ranking on Google. In this way we increase your presence in the top rankings on Google and thus significantly increase your opportunities for more customers and higher sales.

Analysis & Reporting

In the course of the goals defined for you – e.g. better visibility in the New York area – and the resulting SEO strategy, we create a reporting concept for you. As an SEO agency, we analyze all changes in your rankings and backlinks during our measures. We use the appropriate tools to create meaningful reports for you on a regular basis, which you can use to track the improvements and changes yourself and thus have permanent control over the success of the SEO measures for your website. The reports are implemented in such a way that our customers can really understand and understand SEO and the associated measures.

Local SEO

With our SEO measures, we make companies and businesses in the New York region more visible in the search engines and ensure better rankings. So that your company can be found better and faster in local and regional research, we create a local SEO concept with the necessary measures and the appropriate content.

We achieve this for you as an SEO agency: 

Higher and more sustainable user numbers through improved Google ranking

Increased visibility and better rankings that lead to more traffic and therefore more sales

Improved online reputation of your company

Targeted addressing of your potential customers through strategic alignment

Increasing the value of your company

We do that for you as an SEO agency:

Through a strong strategic approach, we quickly achieve agreed goals

Regular information about the course and progress of the SEO measures

We rely on structured and regular communication with our customers

After just a few months you will be able to feel the success in the rankings and the number of visitors

We are convinced of what we do, and therefore transparency and good cooperation are important to us

For whom is an SEO agency worthwhile?

In principle, hiring an SEO agency can be worthwhile for all tradespeople who want to sell their services or products over the Internet, win new customers or increase their level of awareness and therefore need more reach on Google. A wide variety of technical and content-related measures are used to achieve better rankings in Google’s organic search results. The better rankings enable more sustainable visibility for potential customers or target groups and thus possible increases in sales, through which the costs for the measures pay off in the long run.

What services does an SEO agency provide?

SEO agencies like SDC offer a wide variety of services for individual needs in the field of search engine optimization. This includes, for example, on and off-page optimization, local SEO for New York, keyword research, analysis & reporting, and the creation of target group-specific content. The goal is more visibility and very good and qualified rankings in Google search results. These SEO measures ensure that potential customers find your website more quickly and in a user-centric manner, in order to generate sustainable customers from these users and thus realize more profit.

How much does a good SEO agency cost?

With a good SEO agency, for example in New York, the effort for search engine optimization results from the scope and intensity of the measures that are provided. After a free analysis of your website – we check the content, structure, and rankings – we will be happy to advise you comprehensively and personally. After our consultation, you can decide whether and to what extent you would like to have SEO measures implemented. We look forward to talking to you.

How long does it take to get top rankings from an SEO agency?

Depending on factors such as the current situation, industry, competition, and budget, it can take between 3 and 12 months to achieve top rankings for the keywords relevant to you through search engine optimization. A good SEO web agency will certainly give you realistic information, considering all possible influencing factors. You should take a critical look at empty promises – for example with fast top rankings through SEO – or fixed time commitments, because these are not serious.

What are the advantages of our SEO agency New York strategy for your company?

Local SEO measures by SEO New York, which are aimed at the New York area, for example, significantly increase the level of awareness of your company or the services or products in the targeted region. And that is exactly the goal: to win new customers in the region in the long term and thus generate sales. Through our strategies with SEO New York, we expand your local reach, the local traffic from the region is significantly increased. By regularly and precisely analyzing your competitors, we ensure that you are always one step ahead of them.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO includes all measures of an SEO agency for a regionally oriented search engine optimization, which serves to position a website as high as possible in the local Google results. The goal here is to achieve the exact regional equivalent for relevant local search terms and the resulting top rankings for the respective local company. Regional search queries often deviate from national search terms and therefore these should be treated strategically differently as part of SEO measures in order to generate maximum success here.

Why Local SEO and for whom is Local SEO important?

Local SEO is important for any business that has a physical location and/or offers their services in a specific region. This can be, for example, law firms, practices of all kinds, restaurants, fitness studios, agencies and numerous other companies, service providers and freelancers. In this case, ranking factors should be strongly locally oriented since the search behavior of potential customers is also strongly regionally oriented. In addition, local SEO is also very effective and promising, since the conversion rate – i.e. the conversion of interested parties into paying customers – is significantly higher in this area than in national searches and research. The level of competition is also very high regionally in many cases.

Why an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant ensures that your website gets more traffic, higher visibility, and better rankings on Google. This also increases inquiries or sales via the website. So, you generate new customers and more sales. This is important for all commercial websites & online shops through which products or services are to be sold. SEO consultants are often sought for concepts or problem solving when companies or other commercial institutions are not satisfied with the performance of their website or when the competition is too strong. They develop an SEO strategy and, if necessary, support the company in its implementation. SEO – or search engine optimization is a cornerstone of modern online marketing.

What does an SEO consultant do?

An SEO consultant analyzes your existing website and its visibility and rankings on Google as part of an audit. The website audit includes the technology, the information architecture, and the content. Other services provided by an SEO consultant include researching keywords that are relevant to the company and its target group(s) and analyzing competitors. With this information, the SEO consultant will check the status in terms of rankings for the search terms on the customer’s website and its competition. The SEO strategy is then developed from this, with which goals and SEO measures – and in which period – a significant and sustainable improvement in the rankings can be achieved.

How to Find an SEO Consultant?

As a rule, companies find an SEO consultant on site. Especially in the larger cities, there are numerous consultants close to most companies who would like to get advice on SEO. However, the advantages of having an SEO consultant nearby are manageable. Because as a rule, people work in these areas via video conferences and telephone. We also have customers from all over the US, for whom we work on a wide variety of SEO projects. But personal contact with customers in the region is also a common and successful practice for us. Nevertheless, the following applies in principle: A SEO consultant can access your website and all necessary analysis tools from anywhere and does not necessarily require physical proximity to you.