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Start a new chapter and position your business on the top spots on Google. We are a SEO company from Los Angeles and experts in web design and SEO. We therefore know what adjustment screws there are in search engine optimization. Our holistic SEO consulting ensures top positions in the organic rankings of Google (SERPs) and thus unpaid traffic on your website.

Is your website found on Google's first page?

Let’s face it, you either rank on the first page or you don’t. Very few users get lost on the second page of Google search results. With high-performance SEO, we not only help you get on the first page of the search engine, but also to reach the top of the list – the coveted number 1.

Our aim is that our customers understand what we do, how we do it and what successes are achieved with it. All customers also receive monthly reports on our agency services in which we make transparent which optimization measures have been implemented and what performance has been achieved with them.

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We hope we can give a good first insight into the topic of search engine optimization and you can understand which factors are crucial for good SEO.

Would you like to see references, field reports and cases from our customers? Would you like to get in touch and get SEO advice from real professionals in the field of search engine optimization? Just call or send a short email, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Technical SEO Audit

SEO always starts on your own website. To be found by Google, your site must be technically flawless. To achieve this, we perform an extensive technical crawl of your site and manually analyze it in detail. This analysis considers all aspects that may be relevant for the ranking and results in the Technical SEO Audit. With the Technical Audit, all errors on a website can be corrected step by step and the page speed can be increased drastically.

Keyword analysis and competition analysis

We analyze the keywords, content, and backlink profile of your competitors to develop the ideal SEO strategy for you and outperform the competition. Choosing the right keywords is a crucial part of the strategy. Therefore, keyword analysis is one of the most important parts of any SEO setup.

Content audit and content briefing

The quality of a website’s content has always been one of the most important ranking factors when it comes to the top positions on Google. To ensure your website can win the battle for the top spots, we analyze your content and create detailed content briefings. These guides will trim your site’s content to the right length and optimize focus and keyword usage.

SEO and content marketing

In the battle for the top ranks on Google, you can only survive in the long term if you regularly publish high-quality content. Whether on your blog, in your online shop or on the service pages of your website, informative SEO-relevant content is still “king”. Our team of content professionals constantly provide you with new content that Google and your website users will love.

Link building (off-page SEO)

Another top-ranking factor are valuable backlinks, i.e. links from other websites to your site. Building such backlinks is one of the supreme disciplines of search engine optimization. With our many years of expertise in link building through outreach, local SEO, and other forms of link building, we build a natural link profile for you and increase your visibility. 

Professional search engine optimization consists of three main components: technology, content, and link building. Every company that relies on the Google search engine for sales and customer acquisition should optimize all three areas in the long term or seek advice from a professional SEO agency.

Technology and content are among the so-called on- page measures in SEO. Here companies typically have full control over what happens on their website and what can (or must) be changed. With good advice and solid strategic planning, the first successes can be achieved comparatively quickly. Link building is one of the off-page measures and is much more difficult for many companies, because here links must be created on relevant third-party sites, ideally from sites that enjoy a high level of trust even in the eyes of Google. We are happy to offer you the appropriate advice here on how to distinguish good from bad links, which metrics must be used here and how link building can sustainably improve your website rankings.

So, it’s not enough to just create a new website with a beautiful design if nobody can find it. In contrast to other online marketing measures, SEO is a more long-term, but sustainable strategy for increasing the number of visitors (traffic) and therefore requires some patience and perseverance.

The goal of SEO is to achieve a permanently high ranking of your website for relevant search queries and thus regularly generate a lot of specific traffic. Google as the most important search engine is the focus of our work as a professional SEO company in Los Angeles.

SEO will help you with:

Achieving higher rankings for relevant keywords

Increasing the number of organically generated visits to the website

Improving the quality of traffic by using good and specific content

The long-term reduction in traffic costs, since organic traffic, in contrast to other online advertising and marketing measures (e.g. Google AdWords), does not cause any direct costs

Technical SEO

The correct technical structure of a website is the basis for being found in the search engine. Without a good technical basis, even the best content cannot be read correctly by search engines. If the search engine cannot correctly classify or assign the content of your site due to technical defects or incorrect optimization, this will be penalized with poorer rankings in the general findability of the website.

The technical aspects of search engines evolve and change at great speed. Our SEO specialists at SDC will thoroughly examine your website and advise accordingly. This is how we make the website fit for Google and your customers. Based on the technical report, your or our programmers can optimize the website.

Some examples that we consider in technical analysis:

When the technical SEO optimization of the website is complete, we carry out regular technical checks to ensure that the content always meets the latest technical requirements of search engines and specifically Google.

SEO content marketing

Optimized content on the website is one of the basic requirements for good organic findability. Content can be in the form of text, images, videos and/or infographics. Correct use of text and formatting of content ensure that Google knows exactly what your page is about. A good placement also happens if certain keywords or keyword combinations appear in certain proportions on the relevant page (WDF*IDF). 

It’s not enough to simply stuff your texts with keywords. Southern Digital Consulting compares your texts and website with the highest-ranking relevant pages and can deduce which factors Google assigns more importance to.

Another important factor is how up-to-date the website is. Search engines prefer websites with fresh content. Therefore, the continuous creation of new content is an essential part of any strategy.

Important Elements for SEO Content Optimization:

The optimization of the text is always a fine line between good readability for customers and optimal information density for Google. Luckily for you, this is our specialty. We started as a pure SEO agency more than ten years ago and have gradually expanded our range of services. As a full-service online marketing agency specializing in SEO, we still offer this important service and enable our customers to be found on the Internet when their products and services are searched for. Therefore, the use of special terms is necessary to make it clear to the search engine that the content of this page matches the user’s search query. A good match thus causes a high ranking, and the user immediately receives the information he is looking for. In addition to such static content that has been created based on relevant keyword sets, the creation of dynamic content is of great importance. Such content does not have the primary addressee Google but should primarily address your customers. Continuously creating and publishing this type of content will differentiate your business from its competitors. It is precisely such content that will establish the site as the leading authority in the industry. The strategic creation and publication of such content is what we and the SEO industry call content marketing. This also ensures that the website is up-to-date and strengthens the internal link structure. Relevant data is collected, and so-called long-tail keywords are also used, which often solve an exact question or problem of your customer.

Link building and link popularity

One of the most important factors for good rankings is the link popularity of a domain. This can be increased by naturally created links or by various link building measures (link building). The aim of link building is to get links from content-related and high-quality domains. It’s also important to make these links look as natural as possible so that the process is seen as organic by Google.

Link building is a very labor-intensive, permanent and by no means trivial process. We can take responsibility for the link building of your website and, thanks to the years of expertise of our SEO managers, ensure that good quality and therefore sustainable links are built.

SDC generates quality links through:

Backlinks created by us are always checked for quality. We ensure the creation of a clean and healthy link profile that will not be considered spamming and penalized by search engines. An optimized link profile can mean the difference between a page 2 placement or a top position on page 1.

With us as your SEO company in Los Angeles, you gain a long-term partner who makes every company more successful.

With our holistic approach, we look at every task comprehensively from different perspectives and thus achieve success that inspires our customers. In communication, the SEO company Los Angeles always focuses on clarity and transparency, which is why we always let facts and figures speak, followed by reliable arguments and reliable statements.

One of the core tasks of the SEO agency Los Angeles is primarily to understand the projects and goals of our customers and to advise them exactly when they want to rely on specialists. We are listening! For us, this is part of the foundation of every successful customer relationship.