GEO Fencing.

Reach potential customers with relevant, location-based ads.

Geo-fencing technology serves location-relevant ads promoting your product or service. We can help deliver ads to people who we know are within a 5, 10 or 15-mile radius of your business, increasing foot traffic and sales.

One of the major objectives of a business is to make profits, and in order to make profits, the most important factor to consider is the target audience. Geo-fencing is a digital marketing technique that places and “invisible” fence around a desired point of interest. With the aid of our amazing geo-fencing technology, anyone that has a phone with location services switched on will receive your display ads after crossing through the “invisible” fence; helping you target your digital ads at an audience based on their location. It may interest you to know that our geo-fencing is GPS-based, and that ensures a high degree of accuracy. We can help you come up with amazing geo-fencing ideas!