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Going online with a website and then waiting: That’s not enough. Your offered products or services must reach the target group. A pretty design and a clear un structure are not enough. Nothing works today without online marketing because the competition is fierce. On the other hand, a skillfully executed search engine optimization (SEO), ideally supplemented by search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine advertising (SEA), has a visible effect. With expertly used SEO you increase the visibility on the Internet significantly. The longer you use SEO, the higher you will rank in the search engines.

The SEO agency SDC from San Diego advises companies of all sizes and industries. The team of SEO experts knows what makes websites and online shops rise in search result lists. The right combination of search engine optimization, search engine marketing and controlling delivers your messages to the customers. 

Customers in San Diego, throughout the US and internationally value our advice on optimizing search engines.

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A look at our SEO services shows you what counts for optimizing positioning in search engines: 

To get the best SEO for you, we recommend regular SEO maintenance beyond the initial order.


Do not leave your success to chance: To bring your website or online shop to the top of the search result lists, it is best to use professional search engine optimization. Gaining visibility through SEO requires more than just analyzing and ranking keywords. SEO is a piece of the online marketing puzzle. 

The employees of SDC, the SEO Company in San Diego, approach the planning for the optimization of search engines individually for each customer. Reviews of the pages from an SEO point of view should provide answers to such questions:

After the consultation, the team at our agency in San Diego designs the SEO strategy that suits your company.


The surest way to success is through a carefully developed strategy. In a joint discussion with you, we go through the results of the SEO analysis and map out the paths to your goals. The main question is: By which means can the visibility of the website for your target group be improved? We determine particularly suitable keywords and use them to create helpful content that search engines and people like. In our consultation, we also explain on-page and off-page optimization and the role of the landing page in search engine optimization. That’s not all, as already mentioned, the field of online marketing is much more extensive. Find out from us how you can cleverly use social media channels for your business. Your own advertising via Google brings you additional attention.

In the vastness of the web, a good reputation sets you apart from others. If you wish, we can take care of your reputation with tried and tested reputation management. 

The SEO agency SDC from San Diego knows SEO inside out. The SEO team puts together an individual SEO package for you with everything that will boost your online shop or website. Dive into the exciting world of online marketing with us.


Google is increasingly responding to user signals. Whereas in the past there were severe penalties for clumsy Google manipulation attempts by website operators with poor content and conspicuously set link profiles, today an updated Google algorithm constantly re-sorts search results. Current user signals and a good user experience through appropriately suggested search results receive great attention. This results in a longer stay on the website or reduced bounce rates. Result: The page ranks better. 

On the other hand, it is counterproductive to have text that is difficult to read, links that do not work, defective pages, the use of insecure technologies and links to potentially dubious websites. Broken canonicals, internal no follow links and indexability problems are also disadvantageous for the ranking. It is imperative that such grievances are replaced with very high-quality alternatives. Good programming is a prerequisite for successful SEM.

In plain language this means: In terms of design, content and usability, your website should be tailored exactly to the target group. As a full-service SEO agency, Southern Digital Consulting supports you with content tailored to your target group, an attractive design, and a high level of user-friendliness for your website. Your site visitors will feel comfortable with you.


SEO consulting is good – SEO controlling is better. After completing SEO measures, we recommend permanent monitoring for ongoing improvement in terms of SEO. For this we suggest the following comprehensive SEO monitoring: 

Search engine optimization has no end but is a permanently ongoing process. Only professional monitoring makes SEO consulting round. 


Our crew at the web agency SDC is fit for digital applications. We are therefore also very familiar with SEO and online marketing. Among our strengths, these three are of particular importance: 

Many years of experience with targeted search engine optimization
Individual advice with solutions for our customers
Personal support and reliable cooperation in the optimization process

Search engine optimization is a story with many misunderstandings and can cost a hell of a lot of money. But it is very difficult for a layperson – in this case the website owner – to judge whether the money is well invested.

We master search engine optimization. How else did you find us? We have set ourselves the task of optimizing your website and placing it excellently in search engines. In addition to optimizing the content, we also take care of optimizing the source code, optimizing backlinks and much more.

Decide for more success through SEO.