Social Media Management.

Southern Digital Consulting will work with you to create a social media management plan that is custom-tailored to your business needs. Our social media services include setup, refurbishing, strategy development, page management, engagement with followers and analysis. 

Social Media Management allows you to:

Why is Social Important for Your Business

Every company can benefit in one way or another from social media. Social media has become more than a way to connect with each other. It has become an additional search engine for many people and allows a business to get customer insight and build customer and future employee relationships in one central place. To pick the right platform for your business, it is crucial to understand which platform(s) your core target audience uses the most. 

SDC can provide your business with the knowledge and expertise needed to cultivate the best social media content for you, know what platforms to utilize, and advertise to reach your target audience.

Organic v Paid Social Marketing

Organic Social Media Management uses the tools offered within the social media platforms to build their social media presence and achieve their goals. This works well to target a businesses existing following and is a way to communicate with followers through comments. 

Paid Social Media Management is when a business pays to target a specific group of users on the social media platform through advertisements, sponsored posts, or messages.
Both organic and paid social have their benefits. Organic helps build brand awareness, creates a community, and helps maintain a relationship with customers. It is a perfect resource for businesses to close the sale for customers who are interested in the product or service offered and are looking for more information. Paid is perfect for increasing website traffic, driving leads to different landing pages, and helping sell to those who are interested in the product or service offered.

The Different Platforms

Facebook is arguably important for businesses in any industry. The platform has over 1 billion active daily users and can get support for any size business. It is low-cost, allows specific targeting, and can garner unpaid, or organic traffic. 

SDC can help you manage your Facebook page and your Facebook ads.

Twitter is perfect for having quick conversations with customers and engaging with them on a personal level. This platform is popular among a large number of people and works best for customer service. 

SDC can help you utilize Twitter to create a brand voice and personality, growing your audience.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for professionals and B2B, or Business-to-Business, companies. The platform allows these companies to form partnerships with executives and others. Using this platform correctly can help build brand credibility and show off brand leadership. 

SDC can help strengthen your brand voice and perception, will help you gain market trust outperform your competitors, and target paid ads to your ideal audience.

This platform is increasingly becoming the number one social media platform for selling a product. Instagram is great for any industry as many of its users are the same as Facebook’s users. Instagram allows a business to build its customer base, relationships, and have visual storytelling. These features are just the foundation of what Instagram can do for your business. 

SDC can help strengthen your visual storytelling, enhance brand image and increase your ad clicks.

Pinterest is an ideal platform for retail businesses and is also helpful for businesses to spot trends that are gaining traction. It can also help drive website traffic and the platform allows paid ads to be run, as well as promoted pins. It is primarily used by women and those interested in DIY or topics within the arts or fashion industries. 

SDC can help strategically position and optimize your company’s pins, and we will help engage with followers through comments and messages.

Youtube is a video platform with a wide and diverse audience. It shows individualized videos of potential interest to users. Youtube ads also are unique in that a business will only pay for their ad when a user shows interest in the ad. 

SDC can help you connect with more people who are interested in what your business offers.

Tik Tok ranked as the number one search engine for 2021, ranking over Google and YouTube. This platform is ideal for any type of business and is proven to especially be beneficial for retail businesses. It allows you to target, build a real connection, and empower your audience using 3 minute or less videos. 

SDC can navigate this platform for your business, and help increase your online presence and brand awareness.

Why Southern Digital Consulting for Your Social Media Management?

At SDC we understand the importance of social media. We know that an effective social media presence can elevate your brand presence and strengthen your business, and we are committed to the growth and success of your company. With this in mind, we know that each business is different in its needs, and we cater to all the unique qualities of your business including (but not limited to) size, industry, budget, etc. 

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