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Everything seems to be digital today and your business is no exception. It needs to make a splash. Grab your users attention. Keep them informed and entertained. It’s no longer enough to just have a run of the mill website. They say that you only get one chance at a first impression. Make sure your website design and interface sends the right message. Otherwise, in a market like Atlanta, you could be driving your potential customers away.

What is UX?

There are a lot of abbreviations in digital marketing- UX and UI are no exception. UX simply means the user experience. Basically, UX includes everything and every way the user interacts with a product or service. In the digital world, UX mainly refers to a website. How easy is it for a user to navigate? Does the design instill confidence and authority? Does it educate? A quality user experience goes a long way.

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UX is the first impression you get to make on potential customers. Make it count. Your web design should be beautiful, but still easy to navigate. Did you know about 75% of consumers form an opinion about a website’s credibility based solely on its aesthetics. Just from looking at your site, a consumer will decide whether or not your brand/service/product is trustworthy. If you’re not sending the right message you’re losing money. And in a competitive market like Atlanta you need every advantage you can get.

A UX designer can elevate your brand and get the attention it deserves. When you combine a great product or service with top notch design elements you’re sure to stand apart. Did you know a negative online experience is the reason why 88% of consumers won’t return to a website. Now customers want something aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. If your web design doesn’t measure up you’re just sending business right into your competitors lap. And in Atlanta, there’s a lot of competition. 

What is UI

UI could be considered a subset of UX. UI is the user interface. Simply put, it’s how a user and computer interact or communicate with each other. UI can be the display screen, coding, navigation, making a purchase, and so on. Without a quality interface your customers will have a difficult time navigating your website. 

The interface is how your customers interact with your design- navigation buttons, links to click on, etc. If your web design is not logical or doesn’t have a natural flow to it you are doing yourself a disservice. UI directly moves your customers along the sales funnel- from researching to purchasing. Without a good UI, your potential customer could have trouble purchasing or finding the links they need.

There are three main types of interfaces- command line, menu, and graphic. Everything from coding a page to how the menu drop down looks is considered UI. Without a logical UI framework, the UX (or user experience) isn’t going to be up to par. In Atlanta there are so many businesses- from Fortune 500 to startups- don’t let your customers find the solution somewhere else just because of bad design.

Atlanta Business Scene

Atlanta and the surrounding areas are continuously growing and expanding. Atlanta is the largest and fastest growing city in the southeastern United States. A perfect place to have a business. But with over 150,000 businesses in one area it’s more important than ever to make sure you really stand out.

Atlanta boasts a low living costs, but high quality of life. The perfect combination. The city has become a major tech hub in recent years drawing more and more businesses to the area. Even if your business isn’t in the tech field there is still enough competition in the Atlanta market to be a little bit stressful. The city is rich in culture and diversity which leads to all kinds of ventures from artists to retail, and everything in between.

But it can be daunting to try to navigate and promote your business with so much competition around. Your website design needs to be top notch. If you can provide a brilliant user experience and design people will remember your site and share their experience. 79% of people are less likely to make a purchase if they have a negative experience. Don’t lose out on money just because of a bad design. Work with a firm that can help you send the right message. 

Send the Right Message with Your Website

Even if you don’t realize it, UX/UI is part of your business’s digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have a great user experience on your website then your strategy needs help. If you invest in your UX design it can see returns of over 9000%! 

When people visit your website the initial impression is based majorly on the design. That design lends to your authority and credibility in your field. Consumers see a well thought out design and it translates to you caring about your product or service. Bad design can have just as strong of an effect. Poorly designed websites tell a customer that you don’t care. 89% of consumers do business with a competitor after a bad experience. Your web design can either drive business to you or to your competition.

Work with a Firm that Delivers

If you are trying to set yourself apart from the thousands of other businesses in Atlanta then you need to partner with a web design firm that gets it. Southern Digital Consulting can help elevate your brand and get the recognition you deserve. Our team of expert designers and developers can help update your website to reach the most potential customers possible. 

With a strong web design and a clear strategy to build visibility for your brand, SDC can help with all your digital marketing efforts. We understand what goes into running a business. You’re doing so much already let us help take some pressure off you. Our web designs will increase your traffic and, in turn, increase your conversion rates.

When UX/UI can make or break a brand- work with a firm that delivers.