SEO For Moving Companies .

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization ensures that your website ranks high in major search engines like Google. In this way, your website appeals to a wider audience. SEO helps you increase your company’s revenues and prestige. There are many ways to increase visitor traffic to your website. Among the most effective methods are:
The above methods are among the important factors for the development of your SEO.

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What We Include in our SEO Service for Moving Companies?

Our SEO strategies include many aspects of digital marketing. By optimizing the code, the structure of the web, and the content, we ensure you a higher ranking in search engine result pages. In addition to this, we take care of the popularity of your company, by generating more backlinks and positive reviews we ensure you broader visitors to your website. This translates into a higher turnover.

Analysis of Competition

In order to exist in the market you are in, you need to be able to compete with your competitors. However, for this, you must first analyze your competitors well. As SDC, we know how to generate a better position in Google, that is, we make your website and your Google My Business (GMB) page rank in the first results for those people who are looking for services that you can offer them.

Web Code and Structure

If your website has a weak code structure, it will be very low for you to rank high on Google. To rank higher, your website must be built and coded to align with Google’s guidelines. At SDC, we work to optimize the internal link structure and sitemap of your website so that all the same pages can be easily found, crawled, and displayed on Google.

New Content and The Optimization of The Web

Keywords act as a bridge between your customers and your website. For example, there are hundreds of keywords that your customers search for to find a moving company. To rank for each of those keywords and increase your company’s sales, you need to create high-quality content pages that are optimized to attract your target audience.

SDC SEO copywriters will plan, write and publish landing pages and blog posts to drive more traffic and leads to your website. Here you can have more information about our content marketing.

Local SEO

As a local moving company, how do you get more local customers? It is necessary to work on Local SEO. If you decide to hire our services, you will have a team of digital marketing specialists who will work on your Local SEO. This includes generating and managing reviews, link building, and other strategies to optimize your ranking in the Google Local Pack.

Web Load Speed

Internet users are very impatient and studies show that if your website does not load in three seconds or less, your visitors most likely leave your site. At SDC, we work to ensure that your website loads at lightning speed on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. In this way, we help you optimize our SEO campaigns.

Generation and Management of Reviews

Did you know that over 90% of consumers say that online reviews affect their purchasing decisions? Combine that with the fact that almost 100% of consumers read local business reviews before making a purchase. Your moving company needs to generate 5-star reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, and other online directories to rank in the top 3 of the Local Pack.

Analysis, Monitoring and Reports

Reports from your SEO agency should be clear. That is why at SDC we help you understand all the data we provide you. You’ll get detailed monthly reports that connect your SEO performance with the ultimate goal of getting more customers. With our transparent and easy-to-understand reports, you’ll know exactly how many true leads your SEO campaign is generating.

Team Dedicated to Each of These Tasks

We are within the top 10 of the best SEO agencies in all of the US. We have a team dedicated to improving the performance of our SEO campaigns, including a person you will deal with frequently, an SEO analyst experienced in managing SEO campaigns, a team of SEO copywriters, a programmer, and a digital designer. All working to help you increase leads, sales and grow your annual turnover.

Why Digital Marketing and Local SEO for Moving Companies Are So Important?

Digital marketing provides high revenues at a low cost for moving companies.
A comprehensive digital marketing strategy for moving companies that include PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, email marketing and social media campaigns will help you outperform your competition on Google. However, nothing is as important as local SEO. 

Local SEO takes a hyper-targeted approach to getting more customers, making it the perfect strategy to generate better rankings and more visits to your website.

Ultimately, local SEO leads to more sales, which will help grow your business.

Our SEO Strategy in Detail


You cannot improve what is not accurately measured. Accurate monitoring of our SEO campaigns is the basis of all the services we provide at SDC. We are aware of the value of our customers’ work, and we carry it out with care.
Most SEO companies boast about rankings and traffic. Guess what? None of these metrics matter if you don’t see increases in billing thanks to SEO. 

SEO makes your website rise higher in organic search results and that improvement translates into higher billing. To achieve this goal, you must start with an SEO audit that includes:

The result of our SEO audit process is an overview report and strategy that our team will present to you (allowing time for an extensive question and answer session).


Armed with the data derived from the SEO audit process, the second step in the SEO process is to make the necessary improvements to facilitate an improvement in the positioning of your website. For example, to rank well on Google, you need well-optimized content.

However, if your website is not coded and structured correctly, Google will never see the content that is created. If issues with the code and structure of the site are identified during the SEO audit process, they should be fixed before performing content optimizations. Although every situation is unique, typical basic upgrades include things like:


Armed with the right keywords, the next step in the SEO process is to update your website content and, when necessary, create new web pages.

Contrary to popular belief, Google does not position websites; positions the PAGES of the websites. Each page of content on your website allows you to rank for a specific set of relevant keywords.

You can think of your website as if it were a fishing boat; each page of content is like a baited rod thrown into the sea of the internet full of fishes. The more rods you have in the water (pages on your website) the more fish you will get (visits, potential customers and sales!).


Optimizing your Google My Business listing is the next step. 

Most people want a moving company to be in their area. When consumers perform geographically related searches, such as “movers” or “movers in [city, region],” Google shows the Local Pack.

In that Local Pack, Google shows only 3 results so you need an impeccable listing in Google My Business.

Our SEO service includes working on Local SEO. We will register your company in GMB and optimize your file.

Our work in Local SEO includes:

And many more actions that you can consult us here.


Your website has to gain authority within your sector. A part of that authority is given by the number of links to your website (backlinks) that exist on other websites or directories.

Think of the backlinks on other websites (local chambers of commerce, business associations in your region, etc.) as votes of authority or digital recommendations. More backlinks on high authority sites equal more visibility on Google; however, not all backlinks are created equal.

It is forbidden to buy links with the intention of manipulating the Google algorithm and breaking the rules can lead to the complete deindexation of your website in the search results that Google shows (the SERPs).

The right way to get backlinks to your website is to earn them by creating unique and extraordinary content, content that is truly valuable and creative for your potential customers!

Frequently asked questions that companies have about SEO

– What is SEO for a moving company?

SEO for a moving company is the process of optimizing your website and your GMB listing. This includes optimizing the web code to load fast, creating an optimized web architecture, smartphone compatibility, creating new content, and generating natural backlinks and positive reviews. 

– What is included in the SEO services?

In all SEO packages we include:

Follow-up and continuous re-adjustment of SEO campaigns. 

– Should I hire an SEO company?

You should hire an SEO company if you don’t have time to take care of the day-to-day management of your Google presence so you can focus on what really matters: running your business.

If you don’t have the time or resources to go through page after page of analytics, rankings, and traffic patterns, and then don’t have the means to optimize your website accordingly, talk to us.

– How long does SEO take to take effect?

A good SEO strategy generates results between 3 and 6 months. However, certain industries with highly competitive keywords can take up to a year to see traction. However, don’t give up; once you begin to see results, your billing will multiply.

– How does SDC track the success of your SEO campaigns?

The positions of your website pages in Google are just one way to measure the success of SEO campaigns. At SDC, we subscribe to the mantra: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”.

Our SEO services for moving companies adopt several KPIs (performance indicators) to measure the success of your SEO campaigns, from increasing the positioning to measuring the increase in annual turnover thanks to SEO.