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Beautiful and functional website design is essential for any company that sells a product or service. And not just companies but public personas, private associations, non-profit organizations, artists and people with creative projects. Today’s digital market means it’s not enough to just have a website- the web design has to provide your users with an excellent experience. And on any device. If your website is old and outdated you’re doing more harm than you realize. Bad user experiences can drive your potential customers right to your competitors.

When you hire a firm like Southern Digital Consulting you know you will get a secure and optimized website for any device that will help you drive traffic and convert leads. With so much competition in the Savannah market it’s important you work with a firm that has a proven track record. 

Custom Web Design for Your Savannah Business

Our team of developers will host your new website on WordPress. This allows your site to be custom tailored for you and your customers. Cookie cutter websites are fine, but a unique and beautiful web design will boost your credibility and authority within your field.

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Whether you are a law firm, medical practice, e-commerce or other professional service, Southern Digital Consulting can create the perfect website. We understand that each business has different goals and that converts into different approaches for each web design. If you use your website to educate or if you use it as a purchasing platform SDC can deliver.

Responsive, Mobile Design

Web design not only has to work on a computer but it also has to be optimized for any device. 76% of people use their smartphones to shop. If your website isn’t responsive you are losing out on money. Not only do people expect your website to work on any device it needs to be fast loading. 

Southern Digital Consulting understands the importance of a responsive design that is beautiful and drives conversions. With more than 40% of online purchases being made on a mobile phone let our team help you optimize your site so your business can grow!

Speed Optimization

Videos, pictures, and other design elements help you stand apart from the competition. But they can come at a cost. Larger files can be slower to load on websites and the majority of people today expect a website to fully load within 2 seconds (3 seconds on a mobile device). 

You want potential customers to stay on your website. Keep their attention and help them solve their pain points. When you work with a firm like Southern Digital Consulting, rest easy knowing we can handle optimizing your website for speed.

Search Engine Optimization

With every web design project we undertake the first step is a full audit of your current website, and that includes your SEO. 93% of online experiences start with Google or other search engines. Utilizing keywords and SEO optimization will increase your visibility and boost your rankings on search engines. 

Our web design team includes copy writers and SEO specialists to guarantee that your site will rank on the first page of results. Over 70% of clicks on Google are organic. And since three quarters of users don’t click past the first page of results your SEO strategy needs to be brilliant. Work with a team who can get you the results you want.

Search Engine Optimization by SDC

Digital Consulting for Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is the top city for new industry and other job development opportunities. The Savannah Metro area is home to a wide and diverse economy ranging from aerospace to specialty food and beverage companies. Fortune 500s, international interests, and other major headquarters can be found in the area. With that much competition, your web design is more vital than ever. 

Southern Digital Consulting has a proven record of helping any business, from a national brand to a new start-up, stay ahead of the competition. Our firm can customize your digital marketing strategy to maximize the returns on your investment.

Why Southern Digital Consulting

The digital market is extremely competitive and constantly changing; you have to work with a team that is ahead of the game. With over 25 years experience in digital marketing, and serving businesses all around the world, SDC can handle any project you have. Website design, SEO strategy, social media campaigns, and many more digital marketing services can be customized for your business’ needs. We are here to help your Savannah business not only grow, but thrive.

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Interested in learning more about our company and services but concerned about budget? Don’t worry, our agency offers a variety of services at different prices and packages. Call us today to discuss what services would best serve your business. 

Contact us today to get expert consultation and learn more about how we can optimize your web development, digital strategy, and overall marketing strategy to stand out amongst businesses in Savannah, GA.

***Southern Digital Consulting’s SEO agency in Savannah can manage every aspect of your SEO strategy, overall digital strategy, and more.