3 SEO mistakes you need to avoid in 2020

3 SEO mistakes you need to avoid in 2020 1

3 SEO mistakes you need to avoid in 2020 

Have you had a chance to look at your website lately? How’s the traffic? What about the conversions? Looking good, or not so much?

3 SEO mistakes you need to avoid in 2020 2

There’s a reason for that. And we’re sure you’ve heard all about it – SEO. And we bet you know it’s pretty darn important for your website.

Now don’t be frightened. It’s not as scary as you think. But if you’re not sure about the rules, it can be easy to make mistakes.

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Read on to learn the top 3 SEO mistakes you need to avoid in 2020. 

So what is SEO?

Good question.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Is it important?

You might think of search engines like Google, Yahoo! Or Bing as magic websites. They bring you a random selection of information when you type something into their search boxes. But it’s not that simple.

There are algorithms that these search engines abide by. If you follow the rules, your website will rank highly – therefore getting you more traffic.

See? SEO is your friend. 

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3 SEO mistakes you need to avoid in 2020 1

Not thinking of SEO from the start

Building an online business, designing a website, and writing copy are big jobs. Like, huge.

We get it – those things are the most important parts. Which is why it’s easy to leave SEO to the end of the whole process. It can be added in later, right? Wrong. Trust us.

Leaving SEO to last may mean you have to redo the whole project. There’s nothing worse than having an amazing website, only to realize that nobody can find it. Fixing the problem will take more time and a lot more money.

So hire an SEO consultant from the get-go – not just a PPC expert. They will steer you in the right direction, and you won’t need to rebuild your website. 

Writing the same stuff over and over again

Run out ideas for your next blog? No problem. No one will notice if you re-write an idea from an old blog.

Excuse us? Yes, they will. And those search engines will notice too. It’s a big no-no.

We know it’s tempting to re-use topics – especially if they are a few years old. But if you have multiple blogs about the same thing, Google won’t know which one to rank.

Instead of re-using the same idea over and over again, update your old and current blogs.

Delete information that isn’t relevant anymore – for example, you may have written a blog about online tools that no longer exist. And delete blogs that have no or little traffic.

Google will notice the changes and start ranking you again. 

Having too much text and not enough videos

Welcome to 2020 – where text is boring, and video is the future!

Er, not quite. But videos are popular. It’s the quickest way to learn something new, and far more fun than reading a big chunk of text. In fact, video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing, overtaking blogs, and infographics.

Search engines are noticing. Videos are now able to rank just as well, if not higher, than any text-based website. And in a shorter time frame too.

So take advantage of this new format. Convert some of your existing blogs into short videos. Or make a video about your latest promotion.

You can thank us later! 

3 SEO mistakes you need to avoid in 2020 3

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