5 Ways to improve website conversions 

Improve Website Conversions

5 Ways to Improve Website Conversions 

Imagine this – it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. You decide to kill some time with some online shopping. Isn’t your friend having a party next weekend? You’ll need a new dress for that. So after scrolling through a sea of clothing websites, you finally find the one – a dress that is adorably flirty, but not too casual. You decide to buy it.

But what’s this? The website takes forever to load. And when it finally does, it keeps freezing. You push through, only to be bombarded with pop-ups. Wait, you have to sign up before you can add your dress to the cart? And what’s this security check? Eurgh, forget it. You take your business somewhere else.

It’s obstacles like these – annoying pop-ups, lengthy signup processes, and slow loading time – that can destroy your conversion rate. But even the smallest of actions can increase your online sales. We’ve compiled five ways to improve website conversions with conversion rate optimization, to increase sales in your cyber store. 

Offer trials too good to refuse

Think those ‘30 Day Free’ trials or ‘$1 signup fee’ online businesses offer is out of the kindness of their hearts? Think again. It’s a last-ditch attempt to convert those about to leave their site. Not only does it work, but it can increase your website conversions by up by 15%. Experiment with different trials to see what works best for your company and have your potential customers leave their credit card details before joining. 

Use exit pop-ups

Don’t just let your customers slip through your hands – use an exit pop up to convince them to stay on your website. An exit pop up is a message that displays onscreen when a user attempts to leave a site. A good one will explain why they shouldn’t sign off just yet – maybe there’s more your company can offer them. Your exit pop up doesn’t have to be a dry piece of copy. It can be an animated gif related to your business, or an image showing what your customer will get if they use your service. Online tools such as Hello Bar can help create great exit pop-ups for your site.

Ways to improve website conversions

 Start a count down clock

Nothing creates a sense of urgency quite like a ticking count down clock. We’ve all seen them – a timer counting down the minutes you have left to make your purchase. And while the clock isn’t counting down to anything dire (like a ticking time bomb!), it can feel that way to an undecided buyer. Adding a count down clock to your website’s purchasing page isn’t difficult to do, and it can increase your conversation rate by up to 11%. Which just shows that even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. 

Personalize your website using GEO targeting

GEO targeting is the practice of delivering content to a user based on their geographic location. And the more personal or relevant an offer is, the more likely your targeted audience will buy. For example, you can weave your user’s hometown into your site’s copy. This way, your customer will feel like your business is offering something that was made just for them.    

Add a quiz

We all like games, and nothing’s more interactive or engaging than an online quiz. They’re also a clever way to generate more leads for your business. You can create a quiz asking questions about what your customer needs are, or what product will best suit them. But for your user to get their results, they must fill in an online form with their name and email. And boom – instant lead for your company. Creating quizzes for your website doesn’t need to be hard. Try using online tools like Lead Quizzes to help you get started. 

Still struggling to optimize your website’s conversation rate?
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