6 Call to actions formulas that will get you more clicks 

6 Call to actions formulas that will get you more clicks  - feature image

6 Call to actions formulas that will get you more clicks 

Calls to action – they shouldn’t be hard, right? All you need is a simple tag line that encourages your user to do what you want. ‘Click Here,’ ‘Buy Now,’ and of course, the classic ‘Submit.’ Easy peasy.  

But what if your go-to CTAs aren’t working? Look through your content…

Find yourself cringing at the boring text? It’s time to shake things up a bit, and use some unique and punchy CTAs to drive action from your website visitors. 

Not sure where to start? We got you! Read on to discover six sure-fire calls to action formulas that will get you more clicks. 

Get started now

A humble CTA that makes a strong impact. This CTA is short and sweet, which is great if you have limited space. It’s also very direct and tells the visitor that they are about to start their journey with your business. 

Use this CTA to promote membership, begin a download, or start a sign-up process. Just make sure that it’s clear in the rest of your content to what your users are starting (you don’t want a lot of confused, angry clients on your hands!)

Experience the (benefit of whatever it is you’re doing)

Not all CTAs have to be so blunt. Get creative and add some emotion to your formulas.

The word ‘experience’ is a sensory word – meaning it describes how we feel. Sensory words go great with emotional benefits. This is the positive feeling customers get when they buy or use a particular brand.

Pair these two together to make yourself one dynamic CTA. For example – experience the fun, experience the game or experience the ride.

6 Call to actions formulas that will get you more clicks - body image

Subscribe now

An oldie but a goodie! Short, sharp, and to the point. You may think that you need to write a lot of copy to get your message across, but less is definitely more.

Your user needs to know what they’re subscribing to.  If you do use this CTA, make sure all your amazing sales skills come through in the accompanying copy. 

Get (discount/product/whatever you’re selling) while supplies last

Want even more clicks? Inject some urgency into your CTAs! Nothing increases sales like ‘limited time’ or ‘stock’. The fear of missing out will enhance your users’ want for your service and encourage them to click as quickly as possible.

Unlike other CTAs, this one doesn’t need an explanation or context. It also works perfectly as a standalone button. 

Only (limited number of spots/products) available

We can’t stress it enough – reducing the number of anything is going to get you more clicks. Not only does it create a time restriction, but it will make your product or service look more valuable – like a limited edition.  

Try limiting the spots available for a webinar or online course to create urgency. When people realize that they may not be able to get in, their desire increases.  

Send me the (product/service/whatever) right now

Having pronouns like ‘me,’ my’ or ‘I’ in your CTA is a simple yet clever way to create a connection with your user and helps the buyer feel like they are being spoken to. 

Any first-person CTA is a great choice. The more first-person oriented a CTA is, the more effective it is. ‘Right now’ creates a sense of urgency so users feel more compelled to click. 

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