9 Factors to consider in hiring a search agency

9 Factors to consider in hiring a search agency - image one

9 Factors to consider in hiring a search agency

It’s 2021 – everyone knows how important SEO is. If your website doesn’t show up in Google when someone searches for your products and services, what’s the point of even having one? While most people know how important SEO is for your business, not everyone realizes just how important partnering with the right SEO provider is. 

But wait – how do you go about finding a search agency? And what factors are there to consider? Never fear, dear reader! We’re here to share the top 9 factors to consider when hiring a search agency. Got any questions? You can contact us HERE, we’re happy to help!

Process and methodology

Ask your potential agency what their processes and methodologies are. What do they do to keep on top of that ever-changing algorithm? 

Be warned of agencies who use complicated language or buzzwords. If they can’t keep it simple, then chances are they don’t really understand it. A good agency will be able to explain how SEO works in easy terms. They should also be able to articulate the benefits of the changes they’ll make. 


Make sure the search agency asks about your business and marketing goals. If the agency presents solutions without understanding your goals, they’re probably not an agency you want to work with.  

SEO solutions should be customized to meet your business and marketing goals.

Their past projects

Ask the seo company for some case studies or success stories. Don’t be shy to ask them about their failures too. An agency that can admit when they’ve been wrong is a good agency to work with – as opposed to an agency who might try and cover up their booboos.  

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Look for an established agency that’s fully resourced, and staffed by a committed team. It’s also good to ask what their client retention rates are. If they can’t hold onto their clients, you’ll have to ask yourself why. Losing clients typically comes down to two things – poor customer service or poor results. 


Ask about the team’s credentials. Give their staff a good ole’ fashioned stalk on LinkedIn to confirm their skills and expertise. Check out the agency’s reviews on Facebook and Google too. Remember to take bad reviews seriously, but also take them with a pinch of salt. Sometimes the customer isn’t always right…

Attribution and measurement

Define what success looks like. Set numerical targets once you start working with your agency to help reach your overarching goals. 


Consider the type of people that will be working alongside you. It’s always best to choose people you can build long-term business relationships with. 

If initial meetings feel heated, or you feel like you can’t get straight answers from the potential agency, it’s a big red flag!


Good communication is a must for any business relationship. Make sure that the search agency is versatile in their communication. So find an agency who can communicate through all modes of communication – in person, phone, text, or email. You should also make sure that there is planned communication lined up. This shows that the search agency is willing to update you on progress – which will be an important part in keeping them in check.

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