What is Googled Screened? 

Bangkok. Thailand. FEB 21,2019 :A man is typing on Google search engine from a laptop. Google is the biggest Internet search engine in the world.

What is Googled Screened? 

Put your hand up if you ever jumped on Google to find a business, but found yourself overwhelmed with all the options…

We’ve all been there. All you needed was one reputable company name. Now you have to sort through thousands. How do you know which one will do a good job, and which ones will leave you worse off? And for business owners, how will potential customers know that you’re the real deal?

Don’t worry – Google has you covered! Their new feature, Googled Screened, allows you to separate the gems from the riffraff.

So, what is Googled Screened? And how can it help you? Read on to find out. 



But first, what are LSAs?

LSA stands for Local Service Ad. They help you connect with people who are looking for your services on Google.

These only pop up for customers in your area, and appear at the very top of Google search results – even above the pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Impressive, right?

And what’s better than being at the top of Google? The fact that you only pay if a customer contacts you directly through the ad. Everyone wins.

But this is where the confusion starts. If everyone uses LSAs to advertise their business, then how will a customer know which one to choose? Which companies are reputable and honest, and which ones should be avoided?

Thankfully, Google has already thought of that. Introducing … Google Screened!


What does Google Screened mean?

LSA has now rolled out a new feature called Google Screened. It’s a clever little badge that shows potential customers that a business has been assessed by Google in an extensive screening process. It looks like this:

Having a Google Screened tick of approval gives people peace of mind that your company is trustworthy and dependable.

Think of it as a badge of trust. It helps boost your credibility, generates more leads, and attracts more clients.


Who can have a Google Screened badge?

Not every business can have a Google Screened badge just yet. The feature is aimed at helping firms who provide professional services, especially:

  • Law attorneys
  • Financial planners
  • Real estate agents

But that’s not to say it won’t be available for more businesses in the future. Google is constantly updating and revising its marketing strategies all the time. So remember to keep an eye out for any news.

In the meantime, you can invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. This will still make your company visible at the top of Google search – just without the badge, of course. 

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How do I get a Google Screened badge?

Like we said, not everyone can have the lucky green tick. Your business must pass the rigorous scrutiny of Google.

To get a Google Screened badge, your company must:

  • Pass a business-level and business-owner background check. In some cases, your employees will also be assessed.
  • Go through any necessary license and insurance checks based on your industry.
  • Maintain a three or higher star rating on Google.

If that doesn’t clear it up for you, you can learn more about Google’s screening and qualification process here.

If you’re hoping to get started ASAP, then you better get in line. Applying to have your business Google Screened is a lengthy process, and could take some time.


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