4 design tips to increase website conversions this holiday season

4 design tips to increase website conversions this holiday season 1

4 design tips to increase website conversions this holiday season


Christmas is finally upon us. And while most people think about wrapping presents and drinking eggnog, we know what you’re dreaming about…getting those holiday sales!

A few simple festive tweaks on your website’s design could be all you need to boost your conversions. Luckily for you, we’re masters at website design. We’ve pulled together our top 4 design tips to increase website conversions this holiday season.


Make it red

Red is a pretty versatile color. In any other instance, red is the color of importance, excitement, and aggression. But during the holidays, red means one thing – more sales and website conversions!

Web designers use red in their graphic designs to create a strong sense of urgency and high energy. It also increases heart rates – which is why red is often referred to as the color of passion.

With design trends like this, it’s no wonder why red has become associated with clearance sales. So choose red for your website’s background, logo, or text. Wherever you decide to use it, just make it loud and bold.

… And you thought that Jolly Ole Saint Nick just liked the color.


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Use white space

An oldie but a goodie! White space, or negative space, is a great design technique to frame your subject in the forefront and make it really stand out.

Clever designers use white space to create ‘empty’ gaps in a website layout. This highlights whatever important information the designer wants the user to notice. Check out websites such as Shopify or Everlane to see white space in action.

So how does this help your holiday conversions? You want your buyers to notice your great deals and huge markdowns, don’t you? Then white space is your friend!

Highlight your products and promotions by allowing plenty of space around your design. Your customers’ eyes will be drawn to your sale, leading to more website conversions.


(Christmas) card-based design

Ever heard of card-based design? If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve certainly seen it. Platforms such as Pinterest have used this design for years.

Cards are little rectangles used in interface design to outline the main idea of a product, service, or piece of information. Each card usually consists of an image, a bit of text, graphics, and a link to a page with more detailed information on the topic. 

What makes card-based design so effective is the simple fact that it looks like real cards. Just like a business card or post-it notes, people associate these cards with useful content. So important information – like your amazing holiday sale – is easily noticed.

Use cards to categorize your sale or promotion. Cards make it simple for your buyer to browse through your products – especially on mobile phones. And when it’s simple, it increases website conversions. 


Post a video

If an image can say a thousand words, think of how many a video can say.

Video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing, overtaking blogs, and infographics. In fact, 87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website, with another 80% claiming that video has directly increased their sales. Now that’s a lot of holiday cheer!

Consider how much time a person can spend on a platform such as YouTube. A lot, huh? So think about how you can use that to your advantage.

So get busy and create a holiday video. It doesn’t have to promote your sale either – anything that your viewer can form an emotional attachment with will do the trick.

Film a Christmas message from your staff. Or record what you’re grateful for this season. It’s all good stuff, and it will increase your website conversions. 

Last-minute/quick updates:
  • Welcome visitors with Christmas graphics and warm wishes
  • Switch to a Christmas-themed hero image
  • Put a festive Christmas graphic in the corner of your website
  • Change the background of your website
  • Customize your social media buttons
  • Add Christmas elements to your logo – like a Santa hat 

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