SEO best practices for Google’s Deal Pages

SEO best practices for Google's Deal Pages

SEO best practices for Google’s Deal Pages

It’s no use having great deals if no one knows about them. So what is the best way to shout your promotions from the rooftops so that everyone can hear you? Thankfully, Google has come up with the good yet again. Google has recently released a few of the best practices when using their deal pages to help get you to the front of the line.

Create a Deals page for each of your events

There are (literally!) a billion shopping sessions on Google every single day. This, and the massive rise in interest for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, just goes to show that a dedicated page does wonders. But why should Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all the fun? It shouldn’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a dedicated page for all of your sales events.

Include the event description in the title

This might seem obvious, but your page has a much higher chance of being noticed by shoppers if you include the name of the event in the title. This is because page titles incorporate themselves into the text shown in the deals carousel, making your page as easy to find as possible.

Include a relevant image

When you get down to it, human beings are simple creatures.  We like pictures. 

The average person responds far better to visual information than to text, so it’s a good idea to include a prominent image of precisely what it is that you’re offering. Don’t be afraid to add some banner text to your picture, either. In most other circumstances, Google frowns upon banner text in images. Still, they can’t help it when it comes to deal pages. Just make sure that any text in the image is reflective of the textual content of the page. 

To prevent the image from being cropped in the deal’s carousel, it’s a good idea to keep the image’s aspect ratio between 4:3 to 3:4.

Put the text describing the event in the page contents

This way, Google can more easily identify the page as relevant to a specific sale. It’s just another tip for SEO best practices for Google’s Deal Pages

Prepare some general information about the event in advance

Suppose you’re planning on only revealing sales details on the day of your events themselves. In that case, it’s a good idea to put some general information about your event in advance. This is so that Google knows that the page is relevant to the event beforehand. You can then ask Google to recrawl your page once you’ve filled in the details, seriously upping the chances that your updated content updates in time.

Register with Google Merchant Centre

On the internet, you can never be in too many places at once. So it’s not a bad idea to register your promotions on Google Merchant Centre to expand your reach to as many surfaces as possible.

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