5 top website design trends for 2022


It’s estimated that there are about 1.7 billion websites out there right now. With that kind of competition, it can be hard to stand out. That’s why it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse with some of the hottest trends in website design.

In 2022, creativity has taken a front seat in the website design space – with new and exciting examples taking center stage where they belong. Here are five of the biggest trends in website design.

Online scavenger hunts

Take yourself back to your childhood. Some of your fondest memories just might be a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt. The online scavenger hunt is one of the biggest trends in website design. Not only does it create intrigue for the visitor, but it makes your website incredibly memorable – which is never a bad thing.

One page websites

Not everyone wants to go digging for answers. Consider providing all the information your audience might need on a one-page website. These sites eschew links and menus for a much more streamlined experience, putting the focus right where you want it. 

This design trend is mainly suited to sites with a limited scope or those just presenting a single idea. This makes it perfect for showing off a portfolio or advertising a single product.

Fewer images on hero pages

For years, it has been said that an eye-catching image is the best way to get your visitor’s attention. So it might surprise you to learn that more and more designers are choosing to let their design speak for itself – without relying on photos or illustrations. This shifts the focus on the page’s content without the distraction of a striking image – while still showing a clear brand identity.

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Oversized typography

With images currently taking a backseat, typography is in the spotlight. At a specific size, typography transforms from merely being part of the copy to being an integral element of the website design. This bold trend is just as effective in a minimalist site as it is a maximalist one. You can even take this element one step further with interactive fonts, which respond to the mouse hovering over them and create a truly dynamic website design.


Designers can use lines for all functions – from delineating sections, headers, paragraphs, or product galleries. The addition of linework illustrations can even complete the look of your webpage. Just remember that the thickness of your lines will significantly affect the impact of your design. 

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