Digital marketing in 2020 – 8 digital marketing habits to get into in 2020

Digital marketing in 2020

Digital Marketing in 2020.

Ahhh, don’t you love the smell of a fresh year? A clean slate to start anew! The beginning of a new decade! An opportunity to get better! 

We bet you’re scrambling to get your ducks in a row for 2020, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of business have kicked off the year with questions like “What can we improve in our social media channels?”, “What can we do differently?” and “How can we trump our competitors?” Southern Digital Consulting has the answer to all your digital marketing questions! Sit tight and read on. Here are our 8 digital marketing habits to get into in 2020…

Post more video

Digital marketing in 2020 is all about video! Video needs to be your number one priority in 2020. Video content is the best way to educate, inform and inspire your customers. It also gets a far higher reach than static images. Aim to post video content at least twice a week. Not sure what to post? Here are some ideas:

Digital marketing in 2020 - video content

  • Meet the team: Introduce your team members in a video
  • About me: Post a video introducing yourself to your followers
  • Behind the scenes: Film some on-site action in your office, factory, site – wherever! Keep it fun and authentic. 
  • How-to video: How-to videos are a great way to show people your product and how it works.
  • Client testimonials: Post a video of a client giving a testimonial
Update your website content

Make sure your website copy and content is fresh, up to date and relevant. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a website that has stale and out of date information. Review and update any out of date copy and start publishing more content to keep your website in Google’s good books. What to post?

  • Recipes
  • How to guides
  • Opinion pieces
  • Myths 
  • Research articles
  • Any content that you feel will be helpful to your readers! 
Improve your Instagram aesthetic and post regularly!

Take your Instagram feed to the next level with an awesome Instagram theme – view theme examples here. Get into the habit of posting at least twice a week and, more importantly, posting high quality, beautiful images. Save the memes and GIFs for Facebook!

Digital marketing in 2020 - Instagram

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Post on your Google My Business profile

If you don’t already have a Google My Business page, put ‘create a Google My Business’ profile on the top of your list! If you do have one, get into the habit of publishing posts at least once a week. Regularly publishing on GMB will help improve your SEO, helping you appear in more Google searches. Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite, Social Bee or Social Sprout to schedule posts that’ll post across multiple channels. 

Publish posts on your LinkedIn company page

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn company page, put ‘create a Google My Business’ profile second to the top of your list! LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B businesses as it allows you to connect with business professionals and also run ads targeting specific occupations. Aim to post at least two posts per week on your LinkedIn profile. And don’t forget to post video!

Publish more Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are so much fun! They’re fun to create and fun for your followers to watch or read. Stories are a great way to showcase your brand personality in a place that is not permanent. Have fun, drop the filter and increase follower engagement with Instagram Stories. Make sure you try out all the features in there, especially hashtags, mention, and location.

Up your keyword game! Siri is listening! 

It’s time to step up and start smashing your SEO! SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an earned strategy to improve your Google ranking. It is achieved by placing keywords on the back-end of your site, among many other things. Once you’ve added some keywords to your website, get into the habit of reviewing your reports to see which keywords are working and which aren’t and optimize from there. Need help with your SEO? Get in touch with Southern Digital Consulting – we can help!

Remember to include keywords that are appropriate for voice search, for example:

  • How to make nachos
  • Where can I buy tires?
  • What’s the best natural make up range? 

By incorporating these keyword phrases in your copy, your website is eligible to appear in Siri’s search results. People are using voice search to find what they’re looking for, make sure you’re there.   

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Review reporting

Last but not east  (in fact it’s probably the hardest habit to get into), make sure you check your reporting! Use tools like Google Analytics to assess where your web traffic is coming from, how long visitors are staying and where they are spending their time. Regularly reviewing reporting will help you make data-driven decisions that will improve your marketing.  

Feeling overwhelmed? We can help! 

Southern Digital Consulting can assist you with web design, SEO, geofencing ad campaigns and more. We’re currently offering a FREE consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists.

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